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When looking for the top stencil maker you can’t go wrong with Lazer Designs! We craft custom cut stencils that are sharp and precise every time for the best use on all surfaces. We can turn just about any logo or text into a professional custom logo stencil that can be used for years to come! As a top stencil maker, we have customers from a variety of professions including contractors, large and small businesses, large cities and even individuals who craft and do home designs. We have various materials that you can use for the creation of your custom laser cut stencils. We find that the overall best and most popular material is the 10mil stencil. The material is strong, durable and long-lasting.

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Custom laser cut stencils are awesome for spray painting, brush painting, and roll on. Plus, our constructed stencils are incredibly easy to use and clean. See our stencil help center.

Here at Lazer Designs we can craft stencils and custom cut logo stencils as large as 24x36" in size (on 10mil and 20mil). Are you looking for something larger than that? Don't panic - we've got you covered. We'll make stencils with multiple "panels" that you can tape next to each other to make one larger stencil for easy handling and the same results!

Our custom stencils are crafted with flawless laser cutting that is crisply accurate. Our stencil cutting services have no minimums and we guarantee on time/in time delivery for your deadline (for complicated logos that require a lot of bridge work, a set up fee does apply).

As a business, a custom cut stencil is a must. It will be used for multiple projects, not to mention for advertising! Your company name or logo will look very impressive when laser cut with deep accuracy.

So when looking for a reliable stencil maker, stencil crafter, and stencil manufacturer be sure to reach out to Lazer Designs for all of your stencil making needs!

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