How to use a spray paint stencil (video)

Ever wonder how to use a spray paint stencil?

In a few minutes, here are the very basics explained.

How do I use a stencil?

  1. Apply stencil to surface, use painters tape or spray adhesive to get it to stick (here’s my video on how to use a stencil using our stencil material)
  2. Make sure to use enough tape or have a big enough border to account for over spray
  3. Shake spray can for 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  4. Paint in light coats. If not dark enough make  a second light pass. Do not hold can still to get it darker, the key is light, quick coats

The same process applies if you are brush painting or roll painting.

How do I avoid bleeding while painting the stencil?

  • Ensure the stencil is flush and taught with material
  • Use a spray adhesive (amazon) to help the back of stencil lightly stick to surface
  • Paint in lighter coats. Thick coats tend to bleed more.
  • Try a thinner stencil material – 5mil adhesive or 10mil are our recommended materials for almost all applications


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