Custom Logo Stencils – How to use, clean and order custom stencils

Turning your logo into a stencil should be a painless, easy process!

Our skilled art team works with hundreds of logos and photos every month, tweaking them, adjusting small details and adding bridges to make them work when turned into a stencil, whether for use as a spray painting stencil, brush paint or some other application.

Will your logo work as a plastic stencil?

Short answer: YES! Most likely your logo or design will work as a stencil.
There are a number of factors that go into how well your logo will turn out as a stencil.

  1. How many small details does it contain? Lots of tiny, intricate lines don’t always cut out the best. Picture an insect wing or lots of filigree or curls. This may require some special work by our art team and will be more fragile. (see examples)
  2. How close are the various elements in your design? Ideally, a gap of at least 0.1″ to allow for cutting out the lines in between elements, minimum 0.05″.
  3. We recommend 10mil for most applications for its versatility to handle complex and simple designs and is super durable.
small details on custom logo stencil
The small details on these wings barely came out as a stencil, and required some custom work by our art team to get just right

What do we do to make a logo or design stencil ready?

  1. Our art team will add bridges or connectors between elements so the doughnut holes don’t fall out when cut.
  2. We will also try to thicken up any elements that are too close, without compromising the original logo
  3. Sometimes, this requires an art fee if the work will take our art team significant time
Example logo being turned into a stencil by our art team
Example logo being turned into a stencil by our art team. See more complicated examples

What is the best material for my stencils?

Our stencils are made out of high quality, durable and easy to clean mylar – making them perfectly suited for spray paint, brush paint, detail work.

They work on wood crates, metal dumpsters, parking lots, t-shirts, buildings or any other application.

Mylar has a slight bend to it – the 10mil mylar has more flexibility than 20mil mylar. The 20mil is heavier weight, but not necessarily more durable.

We recommend 10mil for almost all applications, especially smaller details.
We also carry a 5mil adhesive backed for easy application and magnetic stencils.

What about extra large stencils, how do I create really big custom stencils?

We do this all the time! Our maximum size mylar stencil is 36″x24″, but we’ve done stencils many times that size by creating multiple panels,

large format stencil multiple panels
4 foot by 4 foot large stencil made up of 4 smaller panels

For instance, this university wanted a giant Z for their garage floors, so we created 4 panels for them, turning their Z into a 4 foot square stencil.

large format stencil multiple panels2
Over 7 feet wide stencil made up of 3 panels

Elite Logistics needed a stencil over 7 feet wide, so we created a 3 panel stencil for them to use for spray painting.
Stay tuned for more…

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