How to Create a Multi Color, Multi Layer Stencil for Spray Painting with Real Examples

Have you ever wanted to spray paint a logo or design, but needed more than 1 color?

With a stencil it is possible, by using multiple layers of stencils.

We will take your art and turn it into multiple layers – 1 layer for each color. See example of a 2 color logo we turned into a 2 layer stencil, 1 for black and 1 for red.

Our talented graphic artists are experienced at turning any logo into a stencil, and we also can turn photos into stencils.

multi layer custom logo stencil
Multi layer stencil for painting multiple colors.



electrical company logo, with added identifying numbers (serial numbers) and painted 2 colors using 1 layer. Since the two color logo had such a small section to be painted red, and the rest black, they opted for a 1 layer multi color stencil, and just taped off or blocked off the area they did not want to paint manually.
3 color logo turned into spray paint stencil
Logo converted to stencil ready and added to American flag sign. Single layer stencil for multi color painting, this could have been 2 layers to make it easy to paint.


5′ tall stencil, requiring multiple panels and multiple layers for an amazing result by talented artist.


Multi color clipart turned into stencil


Want to see more complicated logos we’ve turned into amazing spray painting stencils?


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