How to Turn any Font into a Stencil and How to Care for Your Custom Stencil

As custom stencil makers, we at LazerDesigns get asked a lot – How to make a spray paint stencil with fonts that will work? And make a custom stencil with our logo?
In this page we aim to answer all your questions related to custom stencils – whether you are using for spray paint, air brush, brush on the same principles in making a custom stencil applies.
Any font will work with a custom stencil – as will just about any logo as long as the logo is not too detailed or have too many small intricate details.

What is the best spray paint stencil font?

You can use any font – we will even turn a non-stencil ready font into a stencil-approved font for you! Our experienced custom stencil makers will add “bridges” to any text to make it work. We handle all the hard work for you when you have us make your custom stencil.
There are some things to consider – if your font is not a stencil ready font, it will have “doughnut holes” that will fall out if it is not turned into a stencil ready font with bridges added.
See graphic below to see a visual on how this works when turning your font into a stencil.
To make it easier, just choose the STENCIL font when ordering as this is already ready for stencils.

What about my logo, can you make my logo into a custom stencil?

Yes, we certainly can!
Just email us your logo and we’ll take a look to ensure it will work well with a spray paint stencil, and there are not too many small intricate details that will not transfer well.
The same principle applies to custom logo stencils as to stencil fonts – doughnut holes will fall out.
So our experienced, talented and stencil-passionate custom stencil makers will add bridges to your logo to make sure it will work.
What do I do with all those bridges after I spray paint, brush paint or otherwise paint over my custom stencil?
You can touch them up with a small brush, or leave them – it adds to the effect. If you don’t want the stencil look, a personalized decal instead of personalized stencil could be in order for you – though these add up fast. Custom stencils are lower cost over dozens, hundreds or thousands of uses, using the same stencil.

What are the different types of stencils I can purchase?

We offer four different custom stencils:

How long will my custom stencil you made for me last?

It depends on how well it is taken care of!
This is the most important factor in ensuring a long, useful life of your stencil. To care for your custom stencil, we recommend

    • washing your stencil with warm water, soapy water or paint thinner after each usage to keep paint build up from happening
    • You do not need to make your custom stencil look perfect – just get the build up of paint off, especially around the edges.
    • store custom stencils flat for long term storage or carefully roll it up for short term storage or travel

A durable custom stencil (one without too many tiny tiny parts sticking out to get caught while you clean it or use it) should last dozens of uses at least. Many of our customers use their stencils for hundreds of uses.
Any other stencil related questions you’d like to ask our custom stencil makers? Check out our custom stencils, email us or call us – we are here to help.
If you are ready to make your custom stencils now, click here to start the process.

How to make letters and logos into a stencil for painting
How to make letters and logos into a stencil for painting, even if not using a stencil font

“I had a great experience no problems whatsoever. The customer service was a really good they were attentive listened helped me answered my questions. The product I received was excellent, looked exactly how I had designer, no issues whatsoever with the product.”

“They came quickly and were exactly what we wanted. They were custom made for our company logo. Would 100% buy again.”

2 thoughts on “How to Turn any Font into a Stencil and How to Care for Your Custom Stencil”

  1. I’m looking for a stencil with small 1/8″ high font. It will will have about four lines of text. Total length will be 2″ long by 1.5″ high. I need the stencils to etch a glass product for my fire alarm glass panels that my business sells. Is you company capable of providing such a service?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Darwyn! Yes we should be able to help you, one of our stencil experts will reach out via email shortly. The mylar we use can withstand some abrasion (etching or sand carving/sand blasting), it just depends on how much etching you are doing.

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