How durable is spray paint stencil material? 10mil Mylar is put to the test

Have you ever wondered, just how durable is this thin plastic film, known as Mylar?

Mylar film is the most common and popular material for spray paint stencils – and for good reason. It is durable, has high strength, flexible, cleans well and can be used many times.

Here you can see us test our 10mil Mylar film stencil: Watch as we fold it, roll it, we have a helper stomp on it and jump on it, then we drive over 3 times in a truck.

How does it turn out after all that abuse?

As you can see, the stencil comes out in great shape, ready to be used for spray painting.

How would other materials hold up, compared to the 10mil film featured here?

  • 20mil Mylar film, while thicker, is less durable and breaks a little easier
  • Thinner film may hold up similarly, though it could puncture easier
  • Acrylic stencils would crack, break and fracture and are not nearly as durable
  • Wood stencils may hold up, though they are more likely to crack and break under stress
  • Magnetic stencils would hold up well though it would probably end up with holes after being driven over, it does have a high strength to it but it tears easier at weak points

What is the longest you have used the same stencil for? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! If you need any help creating your custom stencil, contact us – we are stencil experts and would be happy to help with your project.

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