How to turn a photo into a stencil with examples

Can you turn a photograph (a color picture) into a spray paint stencil?

The answer is YES, with some caveats.

A full color picture or photograph can be converted into a stencil, and will work great for spray painting, brush painting or even coloring.

The photo stencil will loose some detail and you will have to be ok with a little less color, unless you have a creative streak and plan to add it by hand. Same thing applies to turning a complicated logo into a stencil.

Here are some examples of photos we have turned into a stencil.

Will your photo work as a stencil? Most likely Yes, and we provide free email mockups after you order of your stencil so you can see how it will look prior to laser cutting.

Because our talented team of stencil-expert-graphic-artists spend time getting your photo converted to a stencil, there is an additional cost to provide this service. Get started on turning your photo into a stencil here.


Photograph turned into 3 primary colors, then 3 layers of stencils used


Photo converted into stencil (note: this was an oversized project, requiring 2 panels high. Our graphic artists converted the photo to stencil ready panels, and then broke up into multiple stencil panels for the oversized project)



Multi color clipart turned into stencil


Full color photo made simple into 1 layer stencil. The artist could still apply colors or shading when painting.


5′ tall stencil, requiring multiple panels and multiple layers for an amazing result by talented artist.



Full color clipart turned into 1 color stencil


full color hand drawing turned into 1 color stencil

full color picture turned into simple 1 layer stencil


full color sign or logo turned into a more simple 1 color easy to spray paint stencil

Photo turned into 1 color stencil by our talented graphic artist team


Tattoo turned into a stencil for spray painting
Get started on turning your photo into a stencil here.

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