LazerDesigns can help you fill customized orders using drop shipping

LazerDesigns has been helping select partners for over 15 years (we've been in business since 2001).

We provide our partners with a wholesale drop shipping program that enables you to offer high quality, lasting personalized gifts to your clients on your own ecommerce site or other sales channels.

We stock and engrave gifts from our Broomfield, Colorado facility. We are staffed by an amazing team of talented, experienced team mates.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping customized, laser engraved products allows you to sell personalized gifts to your clients. You don't have to stock any inventory or ship the merchandise to your customers. You sell the customized, laser engraved products through your web site, catalog, or sales channel and once you receive an order, send the order and shipping information to LazerDesigns and we handle the rest.

Benefits of Drop Shipping with Lazer Designs

LazerDesigns handles all the labor intensive and capital intensive parts - we inventory, engrave, prep, clean, package and ship the personalized gifts to your customers

A few great things about working with us

  • High tech automation – once we get you setup we deliver with speed and accuracy
  • Fast turn around times, 1 to 3 days depending on how we get setup together
  • High quality – we utilize 3 different kinds of machines, included two types of lasers, for the best laser mark possible
  • Trained staff – our team loves working here and many have worked with us for 10+ years. Which means you get consistency and a trained eye.
  • Experience – we work with several drop shippers and are familiar with amazon FBA, FBM and other sales channels and can deliver a great experience for your end customer
  • With over 12,500 5 star reviews, 20+ years experience, a talented and dedicated team engraving and shipping from our Broomfield Colorado building, we care about quality, service and excellence.
  • We know fulfillment/drop shipping, and can work with you to setup a custom program.
  • Our products are high quality, laser engraved, and will turn into family heirlooms.
  • We are fast. Sometimes super fast, depending on the item and scope of our partnership, we ship many of our core items Same Day, and many in 2 days.
  • We can also engrave your products.


How does Drop Shipping Customized Gifts with Lazer Designs work?


  • Identify products that would do well in your store. A list of our primary drop ship custom engraved products are located here. You get a discounted price
  • Setup with our team for easy order submission using the current method you use (shopify or any other ecommerce platform).
    • Identify products: We setup a template code unique to you, and the item in question, to automatic back end processes and ensure consistent experience for your customers. This is a quick process for simple products and simple engravings.
    • Sending in orders: You can send your orders via automatic email from shopify or your ecommerce platform, Douplane, update a Google Sheet/csv file, send in completed catalog order sheets... we are flexible and have all sizes of drop ship partners send orders in a few different methods
    • Marking orders complete: We can mark complete in a portal or email you tracking numbers when orders ship.
  • Sell items on your site. You will need to write your own copy to avoid duplicaten content penalties. We recommend mocking up in photoshop new photographs that will be appealing and relevant to your customer base. You can also order samples for lifestyle shots if you take your own photography.
  • Send us the order
  • We pull, customize, package and blind drop ship directly to your customer
  • You earn happy customers!

Setting up a drop shipping partnership with LazerDesigns is not automated like some of the big players who do this and we look for key partners that are a good fit for us, and where we are a good fit for them. We believe in long term relationships and working for both our success.

Payment terms are prepay to start.


Getting Started with Customized Product Drop Shipping

All we need to get the process started are....

  • Billing/account information
  • Phone#
  • Address
  • Contact email
  • Copy of resellers certificate/license
  • What items you are interested in
  • What anticipated volume you will do and what sales channels you sell on

Click here to start an email introduction and start the process of our partnership!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about shipping cost?
    • Shipping costs are added to your invoice. We use rate shopping software to automatically find the best rate through UPS and USPS. You receive a discounted product cost (off the price on our site) and we are not able to offer free shipping in addition to discounted costing.
  • What are my prices?
    • This depends a little on your anticipated volume, and items interested in. Contact us for pricing.
  • Can I sell your products on various sales channels (amazon, etsy, ebay, etc)?
    • Yes (some restrictions apply)
  • What is production time (how long does it take for customers to receive order)?
    • We ship most partner orders in 1 to 3 days from Colorado
  • Do you ship outside the US?
    • Yes