Gifts For College Grads

The frat parties, marathon cram sessions, and days of snacking on ramen are finally over. Making it through the annals of academia is a big feat, so show your favorite graduate how impressed you are with these personalized gifts for college grads.

Give that newly printed sheepskin the attention its due with a laser-engraved frame for his credentials. This popular gift for the college grad will likely hold a place of prominence on his desk or wall for years to come.

Now that your grad is entering the job market, he or she will need a professional-looking briefcase to tote back and forth to the office as he embarks on his first experience adulting. Select a leather briefcase personalized with his initials or other customization to set your grad apart in a sea of applicants.

Build your grad’s confidence when he’s filling out all those job applications with a customized pen and pencil set. Laser-engraving gives his writing instruments a nice touch that will leave him thinking of you when he’s pounding the pavement, searching for his first job.

Once your grad lands his first big gig, a personalized bottle, mug or cup to take along on the morning commute is a popular gift for grads. Choose laser-engraving to give his gift a personal slant.