Best Promotional Pens

How can you use some of the best promotional pens to grow your business?
  1. First, know your target audience. What type of pen would they love to receive: a high quality, heavy weight, high end executive pen, a personalized stylus pen, a natural looking engraved wood pen, a super small & lightweight slim pen? Are they tech savvy? Professional? Fun loving? Think about the end user and how they would use the gift or promo pen.
  2. Once you know who you are giving the promotional pens to, you can pick the perfect match and ensure the recipient will be more likely to keep and use the pen for years. Always choose a higher quality over a higher quantity - would you rather give out 5000 pens and have them all tossed or forgotten after 6 months, or give away 1000 and have most of them still in use after 2 years?
  3. Once you choose the best promotional pen for your business - next comes the imprint! What you include in your message on the pen will vary based on:
    1. What is your goal for the giveaway or marketing campaign? To get website visitors? To get orders over the phone? Or to subtly remind them of your brand when they use the pen? 
    2. Common information lasered or imprinted on promo pens is: Phone, Website, Company Name, Company Logo, Email Address, Social Marketing Addresses, Street Address, Slogan/Unique Selling Point
    3. Generally, the less you do the bigger the imprint can be.