Custom Engraved Keychain Knives

What should you always have on hand? Your wallet. Your keys. And arguably, a knife. One of the most useful tools to make sure you have when you need it - because when you do, you'll wish you had it.

What is the easiest way to make sure you always have a knife on hand? Get one small enough to fit on your keychain! It goes unnoticed for hours or days. And then, when you have a strap to cut, box to open or annoying straps on a child's toy to get out of the box, PRESTO!

Our engraved keychain knives are:
  • Custom engraved with NO SETUP FEE
  • No minimum order - order 1 for a personalized gift, groomsmen gift or 1000 for a business giveaway promotion
  • High quality - no skimping here. We like knives and we have these on our own keychains
  • Of course, small enough to fit in your pocket or key chain unnoticed. Until they need to be.