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Our Custom Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines

If you are in the area, come by for a tour of our beautiful facility, with a view of the Rocky Mountains!

custom plate

We operate a lean, clean and efficient shop, with core values of Excellence and Continuous Improvement in order to drive value for our customers. Learn more about Lazer Designs.

We operate multiple state of the art lasers, both co2 and nd:YAG, for all your marking and cutting needs. Through our network of vendors and partners, we can create anything you need, from a keychain to LED signage. We also operate sand blasting machines when sand carving is needed.

Our capacity depends on the part, material and job (different jobs have different run times), but on smaller items is up to 5,000 to 10,000 units a day. Our laser technicians are trained to perform with excellence and to keep the customer in mind in all aspects of what we do, from engraving, to packaging, to shipping.

 We can laser engrave and cut most any size or quantity of objects - Swords, baseball bats, oars, long tubing, barrels, etc are no problem.

Video of nd:YAG laser marking black iPad. Our state of the art YAG laser allows us to mark on most ANY metal or coated metal with precise results (spot size 0.0003")

Video of co2 laser engraving all the way around a wood drum stick. We can engrave cylinder objects of most materials (glass, steel, ceramic, coated metals, wood)

Laser engraved Glock pistol, on slide and polymer handle. We laser metallic, powder coated parts with our YAG laser and polymer with co2 laser.

To see more exampls, please view our Photo Gallery or browse our website