Flashlights for Groomsmen

Celebrate the friends who have brought you to your special day by presenting them with a custom engraved flashlight! Every guy will want to keep his personalized flashlight on hand, making this the perfect, practical groomsman gift. Engrave a name on one side with your wedding date or "Groomsman" on the other in the font of your choice. Have some custom artwork that matches the personalities of your wedding party? We can engrave that too!
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  Colors Lumens Lamp Battery Packaging Size Imprint Area Water Resistant Run Time Effective Range Weight- Made in USA
Inova XS - 2.9" AAA ...
Inova XS - 2.9" AAA Powered LED Flashlight 110Lms
110 LED AAA Gift Box 2.9x.6" 1 .25 x 1/8" Water Resistant 1H/high, 32H/low 42m 1.1oz  
Inova X2 LED Flashli ...
Inova X2 LED Flashlight 272Lms
272 LED AA Gift Box 5.84x.86" 2 .5" x .25" Water Resistant 1H10M/high, 100H/low 116m 5.43oz  
Inova T4R Rechargeab ...
Inova T4R Rechargeable Lithium Ion Tactical Flashlight 860Lms
850 LED Rechargeable Box 7.9x1.1" 3 .5" x .25" Water Resistant 2H/high, 138H/low 256m 8.81oz  
Maglite PRO+ LED Fla ...
Maglite PRO+ LED Flashlight 245Lms
245 LED AA Gift Box 6.607"x.709" 2.25" x .75", .75"x.75" Water Resistant 2.25H/high, 27H/low 150m 4.15oz
Maglite Mini AA 14Lm ...
Maglite Mini AA 14Lms
14 Incandescent AA Gift Box 5.75" 2 .25" x .5", .75" x 5/8" Water Resistant 5H 15M 96m 3.78oz
Maglite 3D LED 168Lm ...
Maglite 3D LED 168Lms
168 LED D Cell Box 12 11/32" x 1 9-16" 4"x .75", 1"x 1" Water Resistant 79H 412m 24oz
Maglite 3D LED Unive ...
Maglite 3D LED Universal Camo Pattern 168Lms
168 LED D Cell Box 12.34" 4"Wx .75"H Water Resistant 79H 412m 24oz
Inova XP LED Flashli ...
Inova XP LED Flashlight 185 Lms
185 LED AAA Clamshell 4.64" x 0.78" .29" x 3.26" Water Resistant 2H/high, 10H/low 52m 0.121  
Cree R2 LED Tactical ...
Cree R2 LED Tactical Flashlight, 207Lms
207 Cree LED AA Gift Box 1.375"x5.25" .375"x.875"     160m 0.4  
Medium Cree XM-L T6 ...
Medium Cree XM-L T6 Rechargeable Light, 1300Lms CLEARANCE SALE!
1300 Cree LED Rechargeable Gift Box 1.375"x8" .25"x1.5" Water Resistant   200m 2  

  Starting At As Low As Approx Ship Weight Item Code
Inova X1 & Leatherma ...
Inova X1 & Leatherman Wingman Gift Set
$65.00 $50.31 1.34 GS011
Inova X2 & Buck Bant ...
Inova X2 & Buck Bantam BBW Gift Set
$78.00 $54.33 1.14 GS012
Deluxe Construction ...
Deluxe Construction Gift Set
$174.00 $139.65 2.53 GS014
Smith & Wesson Compa ...
Smith & Wesson Compact Penlight
$31.00 $16.70 0.10 FLSW747
Inova X1 and Leather ...
Inova X1 and Leatherman Rev Gift Set
$64.00 $44.54 1.34 GS055
Gerber Paraframe and ...
Gerber Paraframe and Cree R2 Tactical Flashlight Combo
$74.00 $46.28 0.75 GS058
Gerber Edict and Cre ...
Gerber Edict and Cree R2 Tactical Flashlight Combo
$122.00 $88.48 0.85 GS059
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