Police and EMS, EMT, Fire Fighter, Rescue Knives

When a life depends on your knife, it's important to have a quality blade that is easy to use in rescue situations. That's why we carry a nice assortment of police and EMS, EMT and firefighter rescue knives. These knives have all the features needed on the job and can be laser-engraved with a name and logo.
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  Packaging Size Imprint Area Weight- Blade Length Sheath Blade Styles Type Pocket Clip Made in USA
Spyderco Police Mode ...
Spyderco Police Model Stainless Steel C07
Box or Gift Box 9.438" 2"w x 1/4"h 5.6oz 4.125"   Plain, Serrated, Combo Folding  
Spyderco Rescue 79mm ...
Spyderco Rescue 79mm C45
Box or Gift Box 7.125" 1.75"w x .25"h 2.25oz 3.125"   Serrated Folding  
Spyderco Assist C79 ...
Spyderco Assist C79
Box or Gift Box 8.375" 2.5"w x .25"h 4oz 3.687"   Serrated Folding  
Spyderco Assist Blac ...
Spyderco Assist Black Blade C79BBK
Box or Gift Box 8.375" 2.5"w x .25"h 4oz 3.687"   Combo Folding  

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