Spyderco Bug Series of Knives

When you are looking for blades that will suit just about anybody, custom Spyderco Bug series of knives are a great choice. They are portable yet still have all the features you've come to expect from Spyderco. We carry Spyderco Ladybug knives too. Let us personalize your knives with precision laser engraving that produces crisp, clear images.
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  Packaging Size Imprint Area Weight- Blade Length Sheath Blade Styles Type Pocket Clip Made in USA
Spyderco Bug C133 ...
Spyderco Bug C133
Box or Gift Box 2.875" Blade: .75"w x 1/4"h, Handle: .6"w x .25"h .4oz 1.313"   Plain Folding    
Spyderco Honeybee C1 ...
Spyderco Honeybee C137
Box or Gift Box 3.625" Blade: .75"w x 1/4"h, Handle: .6"w x .25"h .56oz 1.625"   Plain Folding    
Spyderco Grasshopper ...
Spyderco Grasshopper C138
Box or Gift Box 5.031" Blade: 1.75"w x 1/4"h, Handle: .75"w x .25"h 1.4oz 2.313"   Plain Folding    
Spyderco Dragonfly S ...
Spyderco Dragonfly Stainless Steel C28
Box or Gift Box 5.438" Blade: 1.75"w x 1/4"h, Handle: 2.75"w x 1/4"h 2.6oz 2.6oz   Plain, Serrated Folding  
Spyderco Cricket Sta ...
Spyderco Cricket Stainless Steel C29
Box or Gift Box 4.75" 1.75"w x .25"h 1.75oz 1.875"   Plain, Serrated Folding  

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