Why you should use custom drinkware to promote your brand [infographic]

If you are going to spend your money on a marketing or advertising strategy, you want to know it will have a positive return on investment, right?
That’s where promotional items come in – drinkware, wearables, pens, knives, multitools, flashlights – useful items that people keep around for years with your branding on them. (here’s the proof)
Not all promotional items are created equal though. Where should you put your money?
Drinkware is a strong option, boasting high usage, super durability, long lasting! The cost per impression comes in under a penny during the lifetime of the product! Waaaay less than a billboard or online advertising!
Here’s a handy infographic to show the power of branding drinkware. Once you are thirsty for a way to put this to use for your business, browse over to our drinkware category to see high quality options for your logo.

Why use branded drinkware to promote your brand
The Power of Customized Drinkware in Promoting your Business & Brand

What will you order – mug, bottle, tumbler? For travel, desktop or sports? Click here for more tips on choosing a winning promotional item.

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