Who needs a knife?

Rescue Knife

Rescue Knife in use during a camping trip

“If you haven’t yet discovered the joy of having a quality knife, you owe it to yourself to learn”

When I was 10 years old, my father gave my sister and me our first pocket knives for Christmas. Mine was a two-blade Old Timer knife. Being a bit of a tomboy, I loved that thing. I used it for trimming my toenails and eating apples, as well as very useful things like peeling the bark off sticks. I lost that knife 14 years later at the airport when I forgot to remove it from my back pack. I have only the scar on my thumb from the time I cut myself rather deeply to remember it by.
Knives (especially customized ones) are a wonderful and practical gift for just about anyone old enough to handle one safely. There are a multitude of good knives out there – from a small single blade pocket knife to a hefty, do-it-all Leatherman tool. You are guaranteed to find one for any recipient on your list. Here’s a few ideas:
For the housewife, try a Buck Nobleman, small and lightweight, but more than able to handle opening envelopes and packages, cutting off tags, and any other task that requires a quick sharp blade.
For the hunter, how about a sturdy knife able to gut your prey as well come in handy around camp as you prepare meals and split kindling?  There’s even camo handles (and pink camo for the gals!).
For an EMT, firefighter, outdoorsman, or police officer, a rescue knife is an ideal gift; whether they are on the job, in the car, camping, or just hanging out at home, these tools come in handy.  With features like flashlights, glass breakers, sharp blades, and/or seat belt cutters, you can’t go wrong!
Ah, groomsmen.  While shot glasses and cuff links are nice, why not gift them with a knife that will last them years and never go out of style?  Personalize the blade or handle and you’ll be the groom-of-the-year. (And while we’re at it, more petite knives make fantastic and unique gifts for the ladies of the wedding party as well!)
Let’s not forget graduates, mothers and fathers, bosses, secretaries, anglers, veterans, pastors, and teachers…the list goes on. And, of course, it just makes the gift that much more special when you personalize it with a name, quote, date, or inside joke.  Who wouldn’t want a customized pocket knife?
In the comment section below, share with us your favorite memory of a knife you used to own or currently use – what makes a good knife to you?

7 thoughts on “Who needs a knife?”

  1. I gave my groomsmen a Case pocket knife for their gift, All 3 of them have told me that they still carry them years later and thanked me for giving them a USEFUL groomsman gift that doesn’t end up on a shelf collecting dust some day. I highly recommend gifting pocket knives for future grooms! Great article Rebekah!

  2. Good idea, Dave! I received a multitool when I was groomsman at a wedding several years back. Pocket knives are such a vital component in every man’s “tool kit” so why not step up and get a good one?!

  3. My first pocket knife was a good old fashioned Boy Scout knife when I was still in elementary school. I cut my finger on it right away trying to see if it was sharp (learned the hard way), but it was an awesome knife. Knives make fantastic gifts.

  4. I like the sturdy knife best. Something that won’t fail but can be used for rugged task along with simple ones like cooking and preparing meat. My father-in-law actually gave me my first knife. I can’t even thank him enough. Thank you for the great article. Cool knives!

  5. I gave my groomsmen a silver mug with thier name engraved on them, the knife idea would have been way better. Wish I read this article 7 years ago. And I sure hope you cleaned that blade after the toe nails, and before cutting the apple….:)

  6. Nice reading Rebekah. I owned Spyderco Tenacious knife and I can say that it works good for me, depends on the person what kind of job or things he or she want to do, different knives serve different purposes.

  7. I loved to eat apples with my first knife which I got from my father as my birthday gift. So far I can remember, I enjoyed very much with that knife, and accidently I cut my left index fingers( I do not remember how it happened) and still I have a scar tissue on the left index finger. Sometimes I used to cut paper through my knife.
    My Granddad used to say: “Don’t cut toward yourself, and you’ll never get cut.”
    I missed a lot in my childhood with that knife.
    As a gift, knife is perfect for my uncle who is working in police department.

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