What to Get Your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

How do you decide what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Do you go big? Or go small and understated?

Do you go generic, or personalized?

Do you make sure you don’t out do his gift to you? Or just go for it?

These are some tough questions, so let’s dive in, and then we can get shopping for your boyfriends perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Do I go big or go small?

The size of the gift is not as important as the thought you put into it.

tactical apron, perfect gift for guys who grillFor instance, a laser engraved flask, customized knife or personalized water bottle would be more appreciated by most boyfriends, and used and talked about more than an overpriced nick-knack that will end up in a junk drawer.

Give a lasting gift, regardless of size. Personalize it to give it more meaning, your boyfriend will love a personalized Valentine’s day gifts for him.

Do you go generic, or personalized?

Personalized Valentine’s Day gifts with your boyfriends name, monogram, initials, important date or a manly quote is a sure fire way to create a winning gift, no matter the cost.

Does he love the Man in the Arena quote by Theodore Roosevelt? Consider engraving it on a coffee mug or buying an inspiring piece of wall art. Does he love his pocket knife? Consider buying a new one with his initials engraved.

Personalized or generic, it is the thoughtfulness that counts. Generally, personalized will have more impact

Do you make sure you don’t out do his gift to you? Or just go for it?

This is a tough question, one that will require you to consider the length and status of your relationship, your boyfriends self-esteem and confidence, and perhaps consider how hard a time he is having buying you a gift.

It is possible to out do your boyfriends gift giving and have negative consequences, so have a quick discussion before you both start shopping for Valentine’s day gifts.

Establish a few ground rules, like rough budget per person, what expectations are for gifts. Use this opportunity to be open, honest and talk about what your concerns are.

What to Get Your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Now that we have those questions hopefully covered, let’s dive in.

You need help picking out an idea for a gift for your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.

Most guy gifts are similar, regardless of the time of the year. This make it a little easier to shop for us, and a little harder if you are trying to find something truly unique.

Top Boyfriend Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Pocket Knives – our best selling knives for boyfriends. See more Valentine pocket knife gifts
Man Cards – fun bottle openers with a manly twist
Multi Tools – Now he’s ready for anything
BBQ gifts – tactical apron, flippin’ awesome spatulas and more

Get more Valentine’s day gift ideas at our ultimate Valentine’s day gift guide!

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