What To Get Parents For Their Anniversary


When it comes to the parents’ anniversary gift ideas we tend to look for a gift that congratulates the happy couple for doing the seemingly impossible and sticking it out through thick and thin.

Our parents are no different! If anything, they deserve even more congratulations on their achievement as they have not only stuck together through all the normal ups and downs that come with being a married couple but have gone through parenthood as well – And survived! So comes the big question.

What Is The Best Anniversary Gift For Parents?

This is a rather subjective question, wouldn’t you say? Since everyone comes from different interests and cultures, there isn’t really a way to say what the one best anniversary gift is. However, never fear! LaserDesigns is here with fully personalized options with artistic laser etched designs and custom text to really wow your parents this year.

Where It All Began State Engraved Postcard

For those parents who happened to meet in the US, check out this unique anniversary gift for your parents.

Featuring where it all began, choose your leatherette state cutout along with where to place the laser engraved heart to mark the spot where your parents began. Your parents will delight in this beautiful custom gift idea and adore the following features.

  • Made of genuine lightweight alder wood
  • State shape cut and engraved with rose-colored leatherette
  • Suitable for mailing in most standard envelopes 
  • Engraved with state of the art lasers
  • Choice of custom messages/design
  • Permanent design that is crisp and clear

This is an amazing parents’ anniversary gift idea, and this is not all that we have either!

Do Your Parents Like To Cook Together? Here Is A Great Parents’ Anniversary Gift Idea!

If your parents are kitchen gurus then they are sure to adore our huge selection of customizable Kitchen & Home Accessories. A good anniversary gift for parents from kids is a fully functional, laser etched utility board.

Personalized Monogram Cutting Board

This gorgeous Totally Bamboo cutting board features a lovely marbled inlay with generously sized juice grooves on either side. Add in each of your parents name, monogrammed last name and marriage date for a truly special anniversary gift.

Got Siblings? We Got You Covered With Gifts to Parents from Kids

If you and your sibling(s) are looking to do a gift pairing – one gift works amazing with the other! For your parents’ anniversary this year, then be sure to grab this personalized Spyderco Santoku Kitchen Knife to go along with the monogrammed utility board!

This amazing kitchen knife is the perfect anniversary gift when both paired with another item, and on its own. This blade is unique in its combination of a European chef’s knife with the traditional Asian cleaver, making this a versatile knife fit for any kitchen.

Looking For Small And Useful? Grab These Good Anniversary Gifts For Parents!

The saying “go big or go home” doesn’t always apply, at least not in the literal sense. Some gifts are physically small, but still hold a large impact on the gift receivers. So if you’re looking for a small but useful anniversary gift for your parents, then consider a personalized keychain bottle opener.

These durable and useful bottle openers feature leatherette wrappings for a comfortable grip every time. The laser etched design of your choice makes this the top personalized gift idea for parents from kids. Your parents will delight in the following features:

  • Stainless steel bottle opener
  • Keyring
  • Permanent laser etching
  • Choose from one of our designs or upload your own
  • Available in 8 color options. Tan, Brown, Blue, Black (engraves Gold), Black (engraves silver), Gray, Rose, and Pink 

Are Your Parents Sophisticated Wine Drinkers? Here’s Your Parents’ Anniversary Gift!

Lets face it, the best and worst beverages around were introduced to us by our parents. From our youth all the way into adulthood, beverage preferences have been well made known and probably tried by all parties! So if your parents are wine drinkers, why not get them an anniversary gift that matches their tastes?

Traditional corkscrews will go right out the window when your parents get a hold of this personalized 4 in 1 wood handled corkscrew! Featuring 4 fully functional tools your parents will delight in the inclusion of not just the custom wine opener, but a bottle opener on the body alongside a fold out bottle opener, and a knife. Best of all this wooden 4-function corkscrew can be fully customized with names, date, or even a design of your choice! 

Are Your Parents Midnight Snackers?

There’s one in every family, the one who sneaks down to the freezer to grab some ice cream to satisfy their sweet tooth. If that family member happens to be both of your parents, then have we got the anniversary gift idea for you! Regardless of your parent’s age and health status, nobody enjoys fighting their sweets. So we present to you, the personalized ergonomic ice cream scoop!

Midnight Scoop Ice Cream Scoop

No more being slowed down with cheap plastic spoons and undersized metal silverware. Get your parents the ice cream scoop they deserve for their anniversary gift this year. Add in your own humorous phrase, family joke, or your parent’s names or wedding date, we know they will appreciate getting this personalized anniversary gift for your parents.

Your parents will really delight the following features as they enjoy that perfect midnight scoop of ice cream.

  • Durable, Solid 18/8 Stainless Steel Material
  • Dishwasher Safe 
  • Lifetime Guarantee from Midnight Scoop
  • Ergonomic Grip 
  • Easily scoop hard ice cream
  • Will scoop from pints or just about any size ice cream container or frozen yogurt
  • The ergonomic curved handle allows user to “push” into hard ice cream
  • No more using weak wrists to pry at ice cream.
  • Now you can use large muscles to “push” into ice cream with the base of your hand
  • Easy for kids, the elderly, or someone with carpal tunnel/arthritis – now you can scoop ice cream pain free

Looking For A His & Her Anniversary Gift Idea?

Some of the best anniversary gifts for parents is his & her gift ideas. So, of course, with the mention of bottle openers and corkscrews, how could we possibly forget to add in a his & her parents’ anniversary drinkware gift idea?

Insulated tumblers are a good anniversary gift for parents as they can use them for their beverage of choice. From their favorite Keurig coffee, liquor, or even water, tea, and lemonade, these double-walled and copper vacuumed tumblers are perfect for keeping drinks hot or cold.

The best part about personalized drinkware for your parents’ anniversary gift, is that you can not only choose their favorite colors, but customize with permanent laser engraved text to really show them how much you care. Do your parents have a favorite nickname for one another? Perhaps a pet name? You decide on what to include.

Your parents will definitely enjoy the following tumbler features:

  • Double walled 18/8 stainless steel construction
  • Copper vacuum insulation
  • Clear push-on lid, light-weight yet solid at 6.4oz
  • Powder coated finish with stainless steel accent
  • Keeps drinks hot for 8 hours, cold for 16 hours
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Keurig Friendly

Still On The Hunt For The Perfect Anniversary Gift For Parents?

Here at LazerDesigns we have a ton of personalized and custom options available for you to choose from! So while we’ve provided you with a list of ideas, we strongly recommend you take some time and look at our top picks of some of the best parents’ anniversary gift ideas.

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