What To Get Guys For Their Birthday


When it comes to guys, getting them something for their birthday that they will truly enjoy can be a challenge. The last thing we want is for the guys in our lives to give us a big thank you hug while they subtly drop their new gift in the trash. Instead, get him something special this year that he’ll actually love, check out our cool stuff for guys! For now though, here are 5 fantastic gift ideas for men!

Looking For A Humorous Birthday Gift for Your Boyfriend or Guys?

They always say laughter is the best medicine. So give him some real laughter this birthday with his very own personalized Man-Card bottle opener! This is an amazing gift idea for your manly boyfriend as he is sure to delight in your birthday humor.

Choose from 13 different Man-Card bottle opener options for a fantastic boyfriend birthday gift. The above bottle opener is crafted from durable stainless steel and is perfectly sized to carry around everywhere he goes. Let him flash his man card to his best pals as he expertly uses his personalized suave credit card bottle opener.

Is The Birthday Guy A Knife Fan?

Whether he enjoys collecting knives or heading out on hunting or fishing trips, having a sturdy and reliable knife on hand is always a good thing! So for his birthday this year, help him celebrate his love for the outdoors with one of our men’s birthday gifts: His very own personalized laser engraved knife with a built-in flashlight!

We love this Mountain Range Survival Rescue knife for him and encourage you to take a closer look. Designed for both functionality and durability with rescue situations in mind this knife is built to last and can easily handle any job he may have! He will delight in the many features this blade has to offer, including:

  • Built-in flashlight
  • Partially serrated blade
  • Firestarter
  • Window breaker
  • Seatbelt cutter

The laser-etched mountain range design on the blade adds a touch of sophistication and beauty to this fully functional and useful tool, add in his name on the handle for a fully personalized gift idea for him. If this particular knife doesn’t feel just right then be sure to take a closer look at our full selection of knives to find the best men’s birthday gift for your guy.

Want To Get Him A Two In One Gift?

One of the best things about gift sets is the fact that they typically contain one or more gifts all wrapped into one. As one of the top 10 gifts for men gift sets can contain all sorts of useful items that he can really enjoy and best of all they mesh together for the perfect combo.

Knives go with just about anything really. So why not give him an elegant two in one gift with a personalized pocket knife and hip flask.

The Buck Nobleman knife features a sleek brushed stainless steel finish for a classy design. The addition of laser engraved text will really personalize this gift. He can open this pocket knife with one-handed ease while carrying it around in his pocket. Perfect for everyday tasks that require a sharp blade, he’ll love being the savior of the day with those difficult boxes, and those annoying tags and strings.

If you’re not sure about the 6 ounce stainless steel, slim profile flask, then check out our Fun Facts About Hip Flasks article. Read up on flasks so that you can make an informed decision on if this is the right gift for your boyfriend.

Want To Grab Him Some Cool Stuff For Guys?

If you’re looking to get a cool gift for him then you gotta take a look at our selection of awesome customized electronics. Personalize his tech gift with your choice of laser-etched text to truly make this years birthday gift just for him. From speakers to versatile pens, even power banks and headphones we have a wide variety of awesome gadgets that he is sure to love.


Swing by and out our full selection of cool stuff for guys just for him this year on his birthday. You are sure to find something that suits him perfectly, and we know he’ll love having his own stamp of ownership on his new gadget with a permanent laser engraved name, nickname, design or date. The choice is yours!

Does He Like Tools?

Lets face it, most men regardless of background enjoy some form of tool or another. Tools are all around us and come in many different shapes and sizes. For one of THE top 10 gifts for men, you gotta look at our selection of personalized multitools.

From one of our favorite brand names we have the Leatherman Super Tool 300. Personalize his today with your choice of laser engraved text including his name, a date or even a nickname. This military grade multitool has the following features:

  • Spec cap crimper & electrical crimper
  • Needle nose & regular pliers
  • Fuse & stranded wire-cutters
  • Combo knife
  • Saw & T-shank metal saw
  • C4 punch

  • medium & small screwdrivers 
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • ruler
  • awl with thread loop
  • bottle and can openers
  • wire stripper

If you love the Leatherman brand for his personalized birthday multitool this year then be sure to take a look at our entire multitool selection!

Want To Give A Guy A Gift That He Can Use Every Day?

When it comes to guy gifts we want to get them something they can use every day, right? So what better gift to get him on his birthday this year, than his own personalized mug?

Don’t worry if he isn’t a Game Of Thrones fan, especially after the final season …. sheesh! This mug is 100% customizable so feel free to choose your own text or design to be artistically laser etched onto this microwave and dishwasher safe 10 oz mug. If he is a huge GoT fan, then, by all means, leave the personalization field blank and he’ll get the default Caffeine Is Coming!

Looking for a customized travel mug? Be sure to check out our selection of fantastic personalized stainless steel travel mugs!

Do You Enjoy Sharing A Glass Of Wine Together?

If you and your boyfriend enjoy a good glass of wine after a long day, consider getting him a glass that provides a deeper message. You can be as sentimental as you want when it comes to personalizing this Map & Compas 17 oz personalized wine glass.

Some of the best ideas are the most subtle ones. With this glass, consider laser engraving location coordinates to signify a special date, or where you first met. Add a date, his name, or any other special text to really make this wine glass his.

If you two aren’t really wine drinkers, but you feel a personalized piece of drinkware is the right way to go, then be sure to check out the selection of drinkware guy gifts just for him. You already know from above that we have coffee mugs and wine glasses, however, we also have tumblers, water bottles, insulated mugs, and more.

Did You Love The Compass Idea?

He will never lose his way again with this classic fully functional brass compass. Comfortably nestled in a pine box, add your special message, design, or text to the top for a meaningful gift idea for him.

Along with being sentimental, this compass is, as stated above, fully functional. So if he really enjoys camping or hiking, this little tool will be perfect for helping keep him – and you – going in the right direction. Use this gift to introduce the idea of a romantic trip just for you two to really celebrate his birthday!

Ever Considered A Memory Journal?

In today’s digital world, things tend to get lost in the rush of media. So why not take a moment to slow down, and document some memories together? When it comes to boyfriend birthday gifts, this is one that you can use to show your sensitive man that you are in it for the long haul.

This 112 lined paged journal makes for a great gift of sentiments and bonding. The cover is a comfortable leatherette for flexibility and easy gripping. Carry this little journal on your adventures together to take notes, write messages to one another, or simply to log your discoveries. The options are endless and only limited to your imagination.

Still Looking For A Gift For Your Boyfriend?

If you’re still on the hunt for that absolutely perfect birthday gift for him then don’t fret! We have a number of gift options available just for him! Whether you’re looking for boyfriend birthday gifts, for a friend, brother, or son, we here at LazerDesigns have just what you need for the best-personalized laser engraved gift idea!

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