What to engrave? Tips, ideas and help on choosing the best custom engraving

So, you have picked the perfect gift to personalize for that special someone.  Now you are sitting in front of your computer, wondering what in the world to laser engrave on the gift!  Personalizing a gift or award can be fun and makes your item stand out, but, it can also be challenging to choose what to say.  Here are few ideas to get you started:

  • Name of recipient
  • Purpose of gift/award (ie. Happy Birthday or For Outstanding Customer Service)
  • Accomplishment (serious or fun, for example, 100 Sites Installed, or Best Office Prankster Award)
  • Date (of the occasion you’re celebrating, or a significant day in the past)
  • Company Logo (Here’s how to send it)
  • Clipart of a hobby, occupation, passion or just something to make the recipient smile (IE, dog, cat, medical symbol, star of life, maltese cross, coffee cup, etc.  Check out our gallery here.)
  • Photo (yes, you can engrave photos on some items!  Click here for information on how to send them to us!)
  • Quote (try sites like Quote Garden for a wide selection on a variety of topics!)
  • Inside joke
  • Sentimental memory

Now that your creative juices are flowing, what would YOU add to this list?  Share below for the benefit of others!

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