What To Engrave On Groomsman & Bestman Knives

Okay, so you have just found this spectacular, way cool knife for your groomsmen gifts. (or Multi Tools)
But, how do you personalize it especially to each one of them?
This is your lucky day…that’s where we come in! So just wipe the sweat off your brow, and check out all we have to offer with laser-engraving.

wood handled knives for groomsmen
Wood handled knives with initials on blade, and Chinese symbol on handle

  • All prices on our website include your custom engraving–cool, huh?
  • No character limits or extra fees, just part of the purchase!
  • The second side does add an additional charge (available on most knives).
  • Many knives (wood handles, smooth metal handles) can have both the blade and handle engraved. Now that’s sweet.
  • We ship knife orders in 2-4 days, larger orders (100+ pcs) take 3-5 days. Wait until the last minute? No problem, just mention it when checking out, we’ll meet it or contact you if you need to upgrade shipping! We’ve got your back all the way!
  • Personalize your groomsmen knives with their names or initials – we do that all the time… makes the knife that much more unique!

Buck Knife engraved for a groomsman
Buck Knife engraved for a groomsman with their initials on the blade, no other information

Okay, following me? Last step. Follow these guidelines when ordering online or over the phone, and you’ll do great:

  • Add all the knives you want engraved into your cart at once (the number will depend on how many groomsmen you have in your wedding party, right? +Best Man, +One for you).
  • Enter your names in the Special Instructions box, one name per line
  • If you are doing more than one line (hey, why not go all the way?), just enter in in groupings. Let me show you:





Knife with name and date engraved on blade
Engraved Rescue Knife for a wedding party with Name and Date engraved on blade

Away with all your worrying woes! Anyone can order laser-engraving on knives. And there’s just about a million different ways to personalize the knives for your lucky groomsmen.
A good lookin’ example would be:
Titles and Date on one location, Name or Initials on 2nd side.
Such as, Groomsman or name on blade (that’d look sharp!), and MJH on side 2 of blade or on handle.
Or try Title on Handle, Name on Blade.
Or Name and Date on Blade.
Or just Initials on Blade or Handle.
So many different ways to go with this engraving; how do you ever make a decision? Easy, think individually of your groomsmen, their personalities, styles, etc. (Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out, they are your buddies!). Then, order accordingly!
If you want to get your Best Man something a little higher end, order your groomsmen knives and then look for a knife around 25% to 50% higher price point.
Names and titles of wedding party engraved
Black Rescue Knives with names and titles of wedding party

Once you get your personalized, stunningly-engraved knives presented to your groomsmen on the big day, you’ll have some pretty thrilled guys on your hands.
The thought and personal touch on each knife will mean a lot to your groomsmen, and the whole wedding party will be impressed at your fabulous taste.
Oh, don’t forget to order one for you with your name (the lucky Groom) on it! You’ll want to once you see how cool your guys knives look, so do it now while you can get the volume discount and to save on shipping!
Now that you know how easy it is to have engraving done, get going and order some stunners!
Need help deciding? Here are the engraved knives for groomsmen and best men! Start shopping, don’t wait until the last minute!
PS: Wondering if you should engrave Groomsman or Groomsmen? If you are giving a gift to one person, should be Groomsman (singular). If you are referring to a group of guys, it is Groomsmen (you would use plural in an email or when mentioning them all as a group, but not engraved on the knives).
Name of wedding party engraved on handle
Engraved wood handled knife with name on handle, in a gift tin

Engraved multi tool for wedding party
Engraved Leatherman Multi Tool, with couples name on side 1, and then Groomsmen names on side 2

Name and title on handle, and wedding date on blade
Wood handled knives engraved with Name and Title on handle, and couples name and wedding date on blade

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