What Should I Engrave on My Knife? Ideas for Customizing a Knife for You or Giving to Others

What is a gift you can give that will be used for years (or even decades), will be looked at and used daily, can be sharpened so it never looses its usefulness, and is appreciated more than many other gifts by the recipients?
An engraved knife!

Wood Handled Knife
Engraved Wood Handled Knife with Decorated Bolsters

Engraved knives are great ways to say Well Done, Thank You, and make great gifts or rewards. Everyone needs a knife at some point, and as Joe and Buzz say when asked if they have a knife on them, “Am I wearing pants?!” >>tweet this quote<<
Wondering what to engrave on the perfect knife? It depends on the occasion, but we often see:

  • Weddings: Title and Date on one location, Name or
    Initials on 2nd side (for example, Bestman on blade, and MJH on side 2
    of blade or on handle)
  • Weddings: Some people just engrave initials and the date
  • Corporate Gifts: Corporate logos, safety award milestones, sales accomplishments, project name. (For example, Movie Name on Handle, recipients name on blade)
  • Gifts to Customers: Either personalized with customers name, or engraved with givers logo/name and a “Thank You” message
  • Holiday Gifts (Father’s Day, anniversary gifts, etc):
    Names, Thank You messages expressing appreciation for what the recipient
    gave you, verses, quotes.

Here’s a few things to consider when customizing your knife, and common questions we get. (We engrave over 50,000 knives every year, so we see a lot of questions!)

    • All prices on our website include your custom engraving on one side. No character limits or extra fees.
    • The 2nd side adds an additional charge (available on most knives).
    • Many knives (wood handles, smooth metal handles) can have both the blade and handle engraved.
Hunting Knife
Engraved Hunting Knife
  • We ship knife orders in 2 to 4 days, larger orders (100+ pcs) take 3
    to 5 days. Have a deadline? Just mention it when checking out, we’ll
    meet it or contact you if you need to upgrade shipping!
  • Need to personalize all your knives with different names or
    initials? No problem, we do that all the time. Just follow these
    guidelines when ordering online or over the phone:
  • Add all the knives you want engraved to your cart at once
  • Enter your names one name per line in the Special Instructions Box.
  • If you are doing more than one line, just enter it in groupings, like this:
Spyderco Police Knife
Custom Spyderco Police Knife

Any other questions we missed? Let us know!
Ready to give the perfect gift? Check out our engraved knife collection here.

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