What is laser engraving?

What is a laser engraving?

At LazerDesigns.com we do MORE than just laser engrave your gifts and promotional items – we elegantly personalize each one to be perfect for your recipient!
We use state of the art, high speed laser machines – we use both co2 and an nd:YAG for best results on a variety of materials – for cutting and engraving. This is a no contact method of engraving, which means we can etch onto surfaces that would otherwise be unengravable!carabiner
We also perform Quality Control on all items that go through our system – and we guarantee top quality on your laser engraved gifts!

Can you laser engrave in color?

Yes, we can laser engrave color on some items.  Wood looks especially nice with color added – we can add color for some logos and text. Please call or e-mail to discuss with a friendly sales rep at 877-365-2737. We use several methods, including color fill paint, color foils and wood inlays.

Is laser engraving permanent?

Laser engraving is different than screen printing, or a method of decoration which wears off over time; laser engraving is uniquely permanent since it etches the surface of the item being engraved.
On anodized aluminum, laser engraving comes out frosty white. On wood, it will turn a rich dark color. On marble, it comes out frosty white. On stainless steel, the resulting engraving is black. Engraving onto plastic will result in the underlying coating color or a reaction with our nd:YAG laser for a tone-on-tone mark.

Is Laser spelled with a Z or an S?

The correct way to spell laser is with an S, and it stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
We spell it with a Z in our name, so don’t forget, that’s laser with a Z for LazerDesigns!

More Information on Laser Marking

Laser marking, engraving and cutting offers impressive benefits over conventional marking methods. Laser engraving machines produce a significant amount of energy in an extremely small area (as small as .003″). This focused energy leaves its mark by heating, melting, burning or vaporizing away the top layer of the object.
Our laser engraving machines, combined with the processing power of computers, provides you with low costs and fast turn around times!
We can effectively produce, laser engrave and deliver 30 to 30,000 items in just hours to days, not weeks.
We also can custom laser engrave and custom laser cut on many of the items listed here. We also provide laser engraved Leatherman, Maglites, Inova’s and other quality brand name products.
What can we engrave for you today?
Some unique extra services we offer add color to your engraved items!

laser engraved color foil on woodlaser cut inlay on wood
color foil on personalized photo albumcolor filled personalized picture frame (available on wood, acrylic, and other materials)wood inlay on custom photo album

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