What can keep drinks hot for days and cold for days? My 2 favorite Thermoses! (Product Review)

This is a Product Review from Team Lazer member Tami
persoanlized thermos hydration bottleMy absolute favorite Thermoses are the leak proof backpack bottle (aka commuter bottle) (MUGTJMW500P6) and the hydration bottle (MUGT2465P).
I usually use the backpack bottle for hot drinks. Let me tell you, it works. I have had coffee in it and left it in my car in 0 degree temperatures here in Colorado and came commuter bottleout a few hours later expecting it to be cool, it was still piping hot!
This also keeps cold drinks very cold, but I usually use the hydration bottle for my cold drinks. I like the spout on it for drinking cold drinks.
Any time my family and I go on trips, we take one of these bottles. Not only are they great quality, keeping your drinks hot or cold, they are eco-friendly and save money.
One of our customers offered this tip on the Backpack/Commuter bottle (which works on any Thermos product): “If you pre-heat the mug, they will keep fluids warm for over 12 hrs.” Thanks, Wyatt!
Thermos Comparison

commuter bottleBackpack/Commuter BottleHydration Bottle persoanlized thermos hydration bottle
Unbreakable Stainless Steel with Thermax double wall vacuum insulationUnbreakable Stainless Steel with Thermax double wall vacuum insulation
16oz Capacity18oz Capacity
Fits standard cup holdersFits standard cup holders
Lid of Backpack/Commuter Bottle
Both have full featured lids
thermos brand hydration bottle engraved
$32 to $17.20 personalized$24 to $12.17 personalized

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