What about artwork? How to submit camera ready, high quality artwork for great printing results

Here at Lazer Designs, we get to review A LOT of logos and images.  Sometimes they are ready to be lasered, and sometimes, well, sometimes they need a little work.  When it comes to laser engraving, or just about any other printing method, the better the input artwork, the better the output!

So, when you are choosing your art, look at the file type and go with the highest resolution possible.  If you have a VECTOR file (EPS, AI, PDF, CDR) this is almost always the BEST OPTION!  However, we understand that not everyone has access to these types of files, so we also accept .JPG, .TIFF, .PNG, .PSD, and Microsoft Office files at a 300dpi+ resolution.
For resolution, take a look at these examples:

Low quality imageThis image is LOW quality, and would not laser as well as a higher resolution image. The jagged edges may come across when lasered. (this was a .gif used on a webpage)
High quality imageThis image is higher quality, with crisp edges, and would laser well. (this was a 300dpi .PNG file)

If you’re not sure how your art will look or if you can’t find a high resolution image, just email your logo to us ahead of time and we’ll take a look and provide any tips and feedback. Remember to tell us what you want to engrave it on – some surfaces are more forgiving than others!
Sometimes we will be able to recreate or clean up low quality art.  We are experts with cleaning up artwork and sometimes there is no charge.  If a charge does apply, we will ALWAYS contact you before charging you any additional fees.

What about lasering my logo on Apparel?

apparel artwork for lasering
Apparel (especially fleece) does not show small details as well as other substrates, so we have to be sure details are large enough to show up.
Follow these guidelines for lasering your artwork onto custom apparel:

  • Files must be at least 100dpi in one of the following formats (.JPEG or .PNG) or vector art
  • Files must be black, no color or gradients
  • Fonts smaller than 30 point will not work!
  • Images must be block style. Any fine detail will not show when lasered in fleece! (see diagram)

Other textiles, such as denim, some synthetics and dyed cotton may show smaller details very nicely.

Can you laser engrave photographs?

We can also engrave your photographs! Photographs should be in as large a file as you have. Photos look best when there is a quiet background (or solid color in background).

One last important tip: if you have already placed an order with us, reference your order number in any correspondence – doing so will save time and help us serve you better!
Please call or e-mail with any questions or if you would like a quote on your artwork!

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