Valentines Day His and Her Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and your togetherness as a couple. It’s the perfect time to show your loved one just how much you care by spending this special day together and by giving thoughtful gifts that reflect both of your personalities individually and as a couple. 

Choosing a gift for your partner or choosing a gift for a special couple in your life can be a tricky process – How do you show a couple just how much you know them and also how much you care? We believe that a personalized Valentine’s Day gift is a great option, and have compiled a great selection of unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas just for you!

  • Personalized Wall Plaques For Couples
  • Custom Cutting Boards For Couples
  • Personalized Glassware For Couples
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him
  • Personalized Drinkware For him
  • Personalized Tools For Him
  • Custom Grilling Tools For Him
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her
  • Custom Photo Frame For Her
  • Personalized Journal For Her
  • Even Girls Use Tools Valentines For Her

Looking For A Valentine’s Gift For Both?

Your home is the perfect place to reflect on yourself, your family and the love you all share. Filling the space you share together with mementos and special items that mean something special makes the difference between a house and a home. These little personalized touches are there to show your journey together as a couple.

Engraved Natural Log House Plaque

When it comes to home decor as a Valentine’s day gift, you really can’t go wrong with a custom laser engraved plaque featuring a special design or message that is close to the heart. Whether for him or for her, in the shop or in the hallway, everyone will love this little something special to add to their wall as a constant reminder not only to themselves but to all who visit, of the journey you two have shared together.

If you’re looking for something that is not only thoughtful but practical, then consider grabbing the chef in the house a custom cutting board for couples this Valentine’s Day.

Custom Cutting Board
Personalized Slate Cutting Board

A personalized laser engraved cutting board makes a great addition to the kitchen, whether you choose to showcase an engraved slate cutting board, or plan on making use of a personalized bamboo cutting board during your daily meal prep, the utility boards here at Lazer Designs are just what you’re looking for!

Be sure to take a closer look through all of our custom cutting boards for even more unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and for her!

Have You Considered Custom Drinkware This Valentine’s Day?

Don’t let them fool you, men and women both enjoy romantic and practical gifts. Of course, go ahead and grab their favorite snacks and sentiments, but if you’re looking for a practical gift that will last far past Valentine’s Day, then you need to take a look at our selection of custom laser engraved drinkware for Valentine’s Day!

Laser Engraved Couples Beer & Wine Glass
Personalized Champagne Flutes

When it comes to laser-etched personalized glassware for his and her Valentine’s day gifts, we have exactly what you’re looking for. From beautiful champagne flutes to his beer her wine glasses, we have sets that will have each of you smiling from ear to ear.

Personalize your glasses however you like, with first names or last, wedding date, or your first date, the choice is yours on how special you make this Valentine’s Day gift.

When it comes to giving drinkware for Valentine’s Day, I’ve got some great ideas for a unique approach to presentation. If you’re not sure how to present this unique Valentine’s Day gift for her, then be sure to read my article titled DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Looking For Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him?

Ok, so we’ve covered some great gifts for couples that are great for him and for her. But what about gifts just for him? Guys may seem difficult to shop for on Valentine’s Day, but in reality, it’s actually pretty easy!

The trick is to grab a gift based on his interests! Dolled up for the holiday of love, yes, but something he’ll really use beyond the holiday!

Personalized Laser Engraved Stanley Mug

I know we just covered drinkware, but those were more his and her glassware. Here we are going straight for Valentine’s day gifts for him! Whether he enjoys his morning cup of coffee on the way to work, goes on long road trips, or especially enjoys outdoor activities like hunting or fishing, then consider including a laser engraved insulated mug in his Valentine’s day surprise!

Practical and useful, you can’t go wrong when adding a special long-term gift among all the special treats, notes and Valentine’s Day decor. Tie a ribbon around his new insulated mug and slap on some post-it notes filled with reasons you love him and you have yourself a truly thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for him.

Engraved Leatherman Multitool
Personalized Tactical Survival Rescue Knife

Speaking of the outdoors, what about an engraved multitool or laser-etched knife to go along with his insulated mug? Give him the gear he needs to do what he enjoys while keeping you close to his heart and mind.

Moving closer to home, consider a different talent of his. Everyone loves a good BBQ, and if he is the grill-master then a personalized BBQ griller Valentine’s gift for him is a top consideration.

Custom Serrated BBQ Spatula

Choose from an entire BBQ grill set, or pick and choose a brand new laser engraved grill tool that he can add to his arsenal for those awesome family get-togethers. If you are a fan of staying home for your romantic dinner then this may just be the perfect way to drop a hint.

Custom laser engraved BBQ grilling set

Ready To Review Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her?

We’ve covered the guys so now let’s take a look at the ladies and discuss some of my favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her! My first gift idea is one that is more on the sentimental side and valuing a special memory that is cherished by you both.

Evoking a memory on Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to show how much you value your time together as a couple. It offers a reminder of a special time together and makes you want to add more special days to your journey as a couple through life.

Personalized Engraved Wedding Photo Frame
Custom engraved Winter Theme Photo Frame

A picture frame is an obvious choice but one that is always appreciated. There is often no better way to show off a special memory than to have it framed and showcased on your wall or mantle.

Add in your choice of laser engraved names, dates, and messages for a genuine personalized touch, while adding even more impact on your chosen photo. Check out our entire selection of Valentine’s Day photo frames for the perfect option that matches both your personalities and lifestyle!

The Story Of Us State Engraved Journal
Personalized Valentine’s Day Journal For Her

Next up is a way to make note of special days, anniversaries, thoughts and even future plans together as a couple in a personalized laser engraved Valentine’s Day notebook.

These notebooks are the perfect place to write down and tape pictures of past special days and memories together as well as to add bucket lists and date ideas for you to plan together in the future. With a laser engraved touch for personalization and a number of journal types and colors to choose from, you will find the best Valentine’s Day gift for her!

Multitool For Her
Heart-Shaped Carabiner Keychain

You may be wondering why you’re suddenly seeing a multitool and carabiner keychain. Didn’t you know? Ladies use tools too! And what better way to show her how well you know her than by grabbing her a tool she will appreciate. If she is at all an independent or outdoors type of gal then a Valentine’s Day multitool for her is a fantastic addition to your Valentine’s day surprise.

Add in a custom laser engraved keychain featuring your special message or date for her to keep you close at all times – along with her keys! Each of these Valentine’s day gift ideas can serve multiple purposes and will last her beyond this special holiday.

Ready To Find The Perfect Valentines Day Gift?

The options for finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for both him and her can seem endless, especially if you are buying a special gift for a couple you love. While we’ve gone through quite a few options, don’t worry if you haven’t found the perfect gift yet. We have so much more to offer than what is listed here, and we invite you to take a closer look to find just the right Valentine’s Day Gift!

Don’t forget to check out our other Valentine’s Day blogs for even more ideas!

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