Top Gifts for The Energy Industry – Oil, Gas, Solar Awards and Gifts

To help you find the perfect gift in this season of giving, we’ve assembled a list of the most popular gifts in the energy industry (oil, gas, solar, wind).
These gifts reflect an appreciation for the work done every day to keep your business humming, and feeling appreciated is one of the great motivators, making these a win-win.
While the gifts below are especially appropriate for the energy industry as safety awards, employee recognition and holiday gifts, customer thank you’s and sales person leave behinds, they would be an equally good fit for other industries like construction and other related industries.
It goes without saying that we can personalize these gifts using our laser engraving process for a timeless, personal touch.

1. Avalanche 30oz Copper Insulated Tumbler

While oil and gas are the lifeblood of this country, coffee is the lifeblood of the people who extract it, making the trusty thermos a common sight. Those old, stained thermoses will hit the trash when they receive their personalized, Avalanche 30oz Copper Insulated Tumbler, whose sleek stainless steel looks and copper vacuum insulated interior make for a truly top-of-the-line gift.
Not to mention, the laser engraving ensures that no one else will take this high-performance tumbler out for a spin after finding it in the company kitchen.

Engraved Leatherman Tool2 and 3. Leatherman Wingman and USB Rechargeable Triple Output 800 Lumen Flashlight

There are two tools no worker would ever be caught without: (1) their multi-tool and (2) their flashlight.
These tools proliferate to such a degree around work-sites that the trick becomes remembering whose is whose. Personalized Flashlight for gifts
Laser engraving takes care of that problem. Not only will others see the name and know better, the recipient of the personalized gift won’t want to let such a prized possession out of their sight.

4. Gerber Paraframe I Knife

Something about knives brings out the little boy in all grown men. No matter how many knives he owns, the gift of a new knife is met with awe and excitement.
Especially when it’s a knife as cutting-edge as Gerber’s Paraframe I Knife, whose minimalist design makes for a uniquely lightweight and easy-to-use knife, that just so happens to look damn cool.

Engraved Flashlight and Knife Gift Set5. Maglite AA & Rescue Knife Gift Set

Can’t choose between the Rechargeable Flashlight and Gerber Paraframe Knife? You don’t necessarily have to, not with this gift set.
Another reason knives and flashlights make such great gifts is that the messages that accompany them write themselves:

  • We wanted to shine a light on your good work
  • You keep us a cut above
  • Thanks for brightening our year
  • Here’s to staying as sharp next year

Which Lasting, Personalized Gift will You Give This Year?

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