Tips to Make the Month Before Wedding Easy Breezy

It’s the last few weeks before the wedding, lots of activity and lots to check off your list! Don’t forget anything use our list to help cover your bases!

Tips to Make the Next Month Easy Breezy

1. Make a List – Check it often, your list is your friend! Don’t trust your memory at this stage!

2. Delegate! Even if you have been the primary planner so far, you can delegate making calls, confirming with vendors, transportation, lodging, wrapping favors & gifts, etc.

3. Take care of business – get some of the legal stuff started! Start collecting and filling out forms for drivers license, passport, social security, credit cards. Start working on changing your beneficiaries for investment accounts and insurance plans. If you are moving, get a change of address form from the post office.

4. Get Guest Ready! If hosting out of towners, confirm hotel and transportation arrangements, get gift baskets for hotel rooms (you could delegate this!). And of course, there are always guests who don’t RSVP – someone (again, good task to delegate!) can get in touch with them and get an answer out of everyone.

5. Give Caterer Final Head Count, a week to several days before wedding so they have right amount of food! Start divvying up tips into envelopes for vendors to give them on day of wedding.

6. Finalize the seating arrangements! Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, close friends in good groupings (work, college, etc).

7. Get honey moon ready! Confirm travel arrangements, pack (or make a list of what you want to pack if you’ll have time after wedding), secure travel documents.

8. Create your Big Day Emergency Kit! Hairspray, pain relievers, antacid, clear nail polish, breath freshener, small sewing kit, safety pins, deodorant, bottles of water (you’ll want bottles of water in your getaway car too!)

9. Envision the Day How You Want It to Go! Sit down with fiance, parents and map out the officiants, schedule, jobs for various people in wedding party, etc. Find potential glitches now. Then close your eyes, and imagine the perfect day. What do you say. What do you do.

10. Bonus tip Go for a Date! Many people are so busy preparing for the wedding they forget to spend time together! Go on a date. Have some fun.

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