Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Mr & Mrs Pallet Frame
Mr & Mrs Pallet Frame

Choosing your photographer is one of the most important wedding planning choices you can make!
Make it wrong, and you’ll regret it forever when you don’t have the photos you want. Make it right, and you’ll love showing off your photos for decades!
Here are some tips on choosing the best wedding photographer (and getting the most for your money) for your wedding!
Better Together Photo Frame
Better Together Photo Frame

You may not want to go with the photographer at the venue – Sarah (Customer Care at LazerDesigns) went with a venue photographer without vetting them and regrets it to this day!
Here’s some tips from Sarah:
Look at pictures they’ve done before

• Ask for references and call/text/email them

• Ask how long until you receive pictures after wedding
• Having a 2nd photographer can be fun since they’ll get different shots and their own unique style (friend who enjoys photography, or someone just starting out in wedding photography who wants some experience, maybe try a craiglist post “looking for photographer” to see if you can find someone for free or very little cost with the promise of a testimonial)
• Tell them what you want in writing – family photos, individual photos, bride & bridesmaids, bride and each individual bridesmaids…etc
Any other tips you’d like to share? Post in the comments!
At LazerDesigns, we are all about creating lasting memories through lasting, personalized gifts – so we know how important choosing the right wedding photographer is!
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