Thoughtful Gifts For Your Wife


Finding the right gift for your wife doesn’t have to be a stressful event. We know you want to find some great and unique gifts for your wife, perhaps even a romantic gift for her depending on the event.

As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts, and what better way to impress your wife than with a thoughtful gift for her? Showing her that you took time to find the perfect gift for her and when it comes to custom laser engraved text on her gift, she’ll know you put in a ton of thought.

Here I’ll be showing you some great gift ideas for your wife based on the holiday you’re celebrating! What I love most about the gift ideas here at Laser Designs is you’re guaranteed to impress with the included personalized laser etchings and engravings of your choice.

What Are The Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife?

This is a big one, the anniversary, a celebration of the commitment you two made together. So let me show you a couple of great examples of romantic gifts for your wife that will be great for an assortment of occasions.

From anniversary gifts, Valentine’s day gifts and even sweetest day gifts for her, we’ll give you some great ideas throughout this article that will remind her of how much you cherish, love, and appreciate her. Some of our gifts may seem a bit cliche but trust us. When she sees how much thought you put into her gift she will adore it!

Does she enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at work? If your lady enjoys relaxing in this manner then consider personalizing a stemless wine glass just for her. With white laser engravings on glass, you can create your own custom gift for your wife that she will love. Choose to engrave your initials, wedding date, or even her name for a thoughtful gift idea!

Is she more of a coffee person than a wine person? Or perhaps she enjoys both! If you two enjoy your beverages together each day, consider adding a touch of romance to your gift with your choice of his and her set from our personalized drinkware gift ideas.

Each of the above engraved tumbler options is available in a variety of colors and can be personalized to fit both you and your wife. This drinkware makes for a pair of thoughtful gifts for your wife, showing her that you two go hand in hand together for better or for worse.

Looking For Birthday Gifts For Your Wife?

When it comes to wife birthday ideas the first go-to idea tends to be a date of one form or another. Perhaps dinner at home or out to her favorite restaurant. These are great options for a thoughtful gift for your wife but have you considered taking it one step further and getting her a personalized gift that will last her for years?

For our first suggestion, we highly recommend a personalized photo frame featuring one of her favorite photos. These leatherette frames are great birthday gift ideas for her, as you can take any special memory or occasion and transform it into a memorable gift that will delight her for years.

The leatherette provides a comfortable grip and lovely design, the laser engravings are smooth to the touch and will feature your chosen text in beautiful contrast to the color of your frame. This option is a truly thoughtful gift for your wife that she will adore!

Don’t forget to check out our entire selection of engraved picture frames! We have an especially lovely selection of personalized wedding frames.

The next suggestion we have is an automatic corkscrew! The last thing your wife wants to deal with is a stubborn cork in her favorite wine bottle. The automatic corkscrew takes all the frustrations out of the equation and lets her enjoy her wine from the start.

Of course, as it is with all of our gift suggestions, you can personalize this one as well. Add her initials on the side or top or perhaps even have her favorite design laser engraved. Customizing a gift of any type is the top method of showing her how much you care and think about her. Be sure to take a look at all of our engraved wine openers!

Are You Ready For Christmas?

Getting your wife a great Christmas gift can be a lot easier than you may believe. For many families, Christmas is a time to gift what is needed rather than what is wanted, and a lot of the times what is needed is exactly what they want as well! So now comes the question: Where does your wife spend a lot of her time?

If the kitchen came to mind when she’s making breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the days and weeks, then these next personalized kitchen utensil gifts may be just what you need!

You may be thinking ‘why are these utensils so bright?’ Well, this is one of the key features when looking at the Squish brand of cutlery! A colorful twist brightens up the kitchen all while remaining fully functional, durable and reliable for years.

Looking for something a bit more… traditional? Don’t worry, we have plenty of options, including this lovely custom ice cream scoop!

As you may recall, we offer free laser engravings on all of our products! So if you do decide to purchase from us, you’ll be able to personalize each Christmas gift for your wife with custom laser engraved text.

Moving on from utensils, we have one more custom gift idea for your wife that is kitchen related, and that is her very own personalized custom engraved cutting board! One of our top favorites – and our customers agree – is this circle monogram engraved cutting board that was crafted from the top manufacturer Totally Bamboo.

Measuring 18×12 this custom cutting board can be set up for display, or used daily. The laser engraved design is permanent and won’t wash away. This board features a juice catching groove so she doesn’t need to worry about spilling on the counters. What we love about this cutting board, is the options for different designs! Take a closer look and see for yourself!

Wanting To Grab A Mother’s Day Gift For Her?

Mother’s day is a very special day where moms everywhere are celebrated. This is a holiday that can be celebrated by everyone, not just the kids. As the mother of your child(ren) a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. So here we have some Mother’s Day gift ideas that will show her that not only is she a great mother, but she’s also more than ‘just a mom.’

So for our first Mother’s day gift idea for your wife, we have one example of our custom multitools for her!

The model above is crafted from one of the top multitool brands known as Leatherman, and was made with women in mind. Your wife is more than just a mom and just a wife, she’s more than that! Use this Mother’s Day gift to remind her that she is a strong woman who is more than capable of anything she puts her mind to.

This engraved leatherman multitool has some great features that she will greatly appreciate.

  • Spring-action scissors
  • 420HC Knife
  • Nail File
  • Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
  • Carabiner/Bottle Opener
  • Tweezers
  • Glass-filled Nylon Handle Scale
  • 1.6″ blade, 1.45 oz, 2.98″ closed

With wives and moms on the go, you never know when she’ll need a little extra something to help her get through the day. With this handy multitool, you know she is armed with a durable and reliable tool that will allow her to keep going without missing a beat.

Next we have another traditional gift for Mother’s Day. This option can be fully personalized with different designs so that this notebook comes from you or your kid(s)!

Mothers Day Notebook Option 1
Mothers Day Notebook Option 2

A personalized notebook for her is a great way to express your love while additionally giving her something to jot down notes, store recipes, or use as a personal journal. The leatherette is laser engraved with your chosen text and design and is available in a variety of colors to best match her personality.

Need More Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Wife?

We’ve covered some of the bigger holidays out there with some fantastic personalized gift ideas for your wife. So now comes the time for you to browse all we have to offer and decide what the best gift for your wife will be! To help you out, I’ve put together a list of links below!

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