Thoughtful Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Holidays, special occasions, or just because, when it comes to thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend you really want to go all out to show him how much you care and appreciate him! One of the best ways to really personalize a gift for your boyfriend is to add in a custom laser engraving to a gift idea of your choice! So allow us to delight you with our choice suggestions of personalized gifts for him.

Want A Useful & Personalized Gift Idea For Him?

When it comes to thoughtful gifts for boyfriends, we really want to get them something that is not only personalized and touching but useful as well. One of our top suggestions for the perfect gift for him is a custom drinkware item that he can use for his favorite beverages. One that he isn’t afraid to show off to his friends, peers and co-workers with the boastful statement of “Look what she got me!”

You might be thinking “a mug? Are you sure?” Sure I’m sure! A mug from top brand Stanley is one of top personalized gifts for him that you can possibly get. Why? Because regardless of what his day has in store for him, he will always be able to carry his favorite beverage around inside the mug that you personalized just for him.

Just imagine, he’s getting ready for work or college and needs that on-the-go cup of joe. He sees the mug that you, his favorite gal around, got just for him. He smiles as he fills it up and heads out the door. Each and every time he reaches for that mug, he’ll think of you as it serves as a small reminder that you were thoughtful enough to get your boyfriend something he can use throughout the day.

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Does He Enjoy A Good Work Out?

If your boyfriend is less of a coffee drinker and more of a water or even smoothie and protein shake kind of guy then we’ve got you covered there as well. While we have an assortment of various drinkware options for him, I’ll use one of our blender bottles for today’s example.

What I like about the above bottle is the quote: Today’s Actions are Tomorrow’s RESULTS. This can apply metaphorically to anything and everything. If he loves to workout then the reps he does today will provide tomorrows results. Got a few college classes? Same thing. Even at work, if he’s working towards accomplishing a big project or focusing on taking things one day at a time. He’s got this.

A motivational message on a blender bottle is a thoughtful gift for your boyfriend, the optimal inside ‘joke’ as you both know the special meaning behind your message. Then of course, if he works out a lot, we have a few bottles that cover those as well.

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Does He Need A Pick-Me-Up At Events?

If you and your boyfriend head out to regular events or parties, then he may want a little something just for you two to share. What I’m referring to is a flask! When going out to a BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer) event, party, or gathering, he may want something a bit harder than the regular stuff; and let’s face it, you might too!

When you’re out and about there is nothing worse than butterfingers. For this reason, we chose to showcase a flask that has a comfortable leatherette wrap to encourage a secure grasp.

The above flask features a laser-etching of monogram initials, which is a nice way to personalize your gift for him without going overboard. It is sophisticated, clean, and very much the gentleman’s flask. With a 6 ounce capacity, he’ll have a nice amount to sip on throughout the evening when he needs something of higher proof.

Don’t worry about the color of the flask, we have tons to choose from.

What About An End Of The Day Gift Idea?

Ok so we got the mug for coffee, a bottle for water or smoothies, and a flask for special occasions, so what’s next? Well, if he enjoys a good beer, flavored soda, or any other beverage that comes within a glass bottle, then you might consider a personalized bottle opener that he can use daily.

Give him an edge above his friends with a customized engraved speed bottle opener. He’ll be flipping caps all over the place if it comes to a race! Really though, if he has a bottle opener right now that is a bit discouraging at times then he’ll really like this one.

Leatherette provides a comfortable grip and of course, color options. While the slim design fits perfectly in his hand so he can pop that cap with speed and ease. A bottle opener is one of our unique gifts for men, and since we’ve covered all the other drinkware options, I just had to include this one too!

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Want The Perfect Anniversary Gift For Him?

Whether you’re wanting an anniversary gift for him, or a unique valentine’s day gift idea for him, we have you covered with our selection of tech-related gift ideas. Alongside speakers and headphones, our top suggestion is his own personalized selfie drone. No, really, gives us a chance to tell you about it before you keep scrolling!

It’s a bit of a given that men love their toys. It doesn’t matter how old they get! If they are passionate about something you can bet they will thoroughly enjoy it regardless of age. So if your boyfriend likes the idea of flying drones around and performing awesome recorded stunts, then definitely grab this selfie drone for him.

You both will thoroughly enjoy grabbing both videos and photos together with the 720p HD photo and live video options. Control this little drone through your smartphones and watch this baby perform 360-degree flips and turns for the perfect shot every time. Best of all? It’s pocket-sized, so you can carry it wherever your adventures take you. Oh and you can personalize it as well!

Have we caught your interest? Be sure to take a closer look at this portable selfie drone!

Is Your Boyfriend An Outdoors Fan?

If you two enjoy heading outdoors for a long hike or taking trips to go camping, hunting or fishing, then consider getting him a reliable tool that will be an invaluable asset. A thoughtful gift for your boyfriend isn’t just something of sentimental value, but functional value too! Which is why we recommend giving him his own personalized laser engraved knife.

The above example features a beautiful laser engraved mountain range along the blade of this tactical rescue knife. Imagine giving him this knife, watching him unwrap and seeing his name right there on the handle, only to open the blade and see a beautifully etched mountain range. His face will light up and you can bet you’ll get a hug – or more! For this unique gift idea.

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How About A Two In One Gift For Him?

If you’re wanting to grab him something ‘more’ then consider a gift set. Our next suggestion is one that is an out-of-the-box unique gift for men that he’s sure to enjoy. A combo of a knife and zippo lighter match perfectly for the outdoor use and makes for a great personalized gift for him!

From another top brand, the above gift set example features a Spyderco knife and a zippo lighter combo gift set. The knife alone is an awesome gift idea for him, given the full flat grind for superior edge geometry that provides him with low-friction cutting performance, and a four-position pocket clip!

The zippo is made in the USA and both can be personalized with your choice of text. As this gift set is already packaged in a gift box, you have one less thing to worry about. Consider this for one of your anniversary gift ideas for him and check out our other custom laser engraved lighters.

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Ready To Personalize A Thoughtful Gift For Your Boyfriend?

That’s all I’ve got this time around, and we’ve only just scratched the surface of thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend available right here at Laser Designs! Be sure to browse our huge selection of laser engraved gift ideas for the perfect personalized gifts for him. We are sure to have something for everyone!

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