The Perfect Gifts To Tell Your Clients Thank You


In the world of business, we’ve all learned at one point or another, the value of making our customers and clients feel appreciated. Thanking your clients for not just their business, but their loyalty can go a long way in deepening the connection and understanding that to you, they are not just another number or another business, but are individuals and representatives that you value.

Clients are the lifeblood of business. No clients, no business. You know this, and your clients need a regular reminder. They need to know how special they are to you and your company.


Clients don’t always have a chance to see how much you appreciate what their continued business means to you. Heaps of hard work from you and your colleagues have gone into this relationship. When clients think of your partnership they should feel both valued and special.

Good clients deserve to be thanked. They’re a part of your business family after all, and one of the best and most creative ways to say thank you to your clients is with custom client appreciation gifts.

  • Give Gifts To Congratulate Your clients
  • Seal The Deal With A Customized Gift
  • Apologize For A Mistake With A Client Gift
  • Stand Out During The Holidays With These Amazing Gift Ideas

Why Should You Tell Your Clients Thank You?

You may be thinking, “I already have their business so why bother with a gift?” A gift may not change or increase your incoming revenue and if handled unprofessionally, can even risk doing more harm than good.

However, a custom gift will show your clients that you are prepared to go above and beyond the minimum of a routine business relationship. With a well-timed and appropriate business gift, you can show your clients that you value them and their time.

Many business gifts tend to be corporate gift baskets, if you’re not sure about how to go about customizing or personalizing your gift, then read all about client gift etiquette’s in our other article How To Make The Perfect Christmas Gift Basket where we cover the do’s and don’ts of sending corporate gift baskets to clients.

When To Get Client Gifts, And What To Send?

Once you have decided to send a gift to your clients, you may be asking yourself “when might be an appropriate time to send this business gift?” There are plenty of opportunities to show your clients just how much you appreciate them and their business. Something small goes a long way, like a laser engraved pen that has been branded with your logo.

Classic Wood Pen

To Say Congratulations

Perhaps it’s the end of a fiscal quarter and your clients are showing healthy profits. What better way to send congratulations on their success than with an assortment of business gifts? Their success is your success, after all, so thank your clients for sticking with you through thick and thin. And what better way to metaphorically show how reliable you are than a nice customized laser engraved mug.

Insulated mugs are great for hot and cold beverages, keeping the perfect temperature throughout the day. A good mug is reliable, just like you and your company. Best of all, customized drinkware can send a number of messages, from congratulations to a celebration. Mugs make a fantastic safety award too!

To Seal The Deal

Perhaps an ongoing deal between your company and theirs is in the final stages of taking effect. Take your new clients by surprise and give an even better impression by giving them a thank you gift that solidifies your newfound relationship. If you’ve been working with one or two individuals specifically and are looking for creative ways to say thank you, consider getting each a personalized cutting board!

Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

You may be thinking, a cutting board? Yes, that’s right, a kitchen just isn’t complete without a custom cutting board! So show your new clients how much you appreciate their time and effort for each meeting, e-mail, and call to work through all of the meticulous details of your agreement. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

To Ease Some Tension

Alternatively, a client gift can be a way to mend a rocky relationship. As humans, it’s not unheard of for us to make the occasional mistake. The same goes for companies as well. If your clients have experienced such a mistake, a custom gift is a good way to both apologize and thank them for sticking with you. A custom executive pen is a creative way to say thank you to an entire department!

Custom Executive Stylus Ballpoint Pen

Taking the initiative in a business relationship to help repair it will show a strong sign that you want to continue moving forward.

How Do You Stand Out During The Holidays?

Sending a business gift when it is not a holiday can make it more memorable. However, we can’t forget that holidays are prime time for gift giving. Clients will expect to receive gifts from numerous business partners, so finding creative ways to say thank you will help you and your brand stand out.

Consider corporate gift baskets filled with useful and practical items for the office. Customized coasters featuring your brand are a surprisingly useful gift for those individuals who drink coffee or tea at their desks. As an added bonus, you’re able to put your information right in front of your client’s eyes so they will always have you in mind.

An alternative to coasters is providing a customized mouse pad featuring your laser engraved company information. As a practical and useful gift, a mouse pad is a great way to achieve the same effect as coasters, without the assumption that your clients have beverages at their desks.

Laser engraved Drinkware is always a great go-to client gift. As mentioned above, the perfect mug is both functional and reliable. Consider adding a few insulated tumblers to your corporate gift basket as a colorful way to stand out above the rest. Best of all, company drinkware that is stored in the employee break room will stick with them for years to come.

Thermal Tumbler

Consider including customized electronics as another creative way to say thank you. For those clients who rely heavily on their tech, a good power bank is a great way to stay charged and on the go. Consider including a couple of smaller sized power banks in your gift basket.

Portable USB Power Bank

Our final client appreciation gift idea is a high end customized Bluetooth speaker. Pairing a speaker with bluetooth functionality only shows your clients that you appreciate how much time they may spend on calls. With this customized technology, your clients can easily hold hands free phone meetings, something your busy clients will greatly appreciate.

Bluetooth Speaker

Ready To Review More Client Appreciation Gifts?

In the world of business, no matter what personalized gift you choose for your clients they will see how much you value them. Taking the time to show your appreciation goes a long way in today’s world. So here is a helpful list of fantastic client appreciation gift ideas for your next creative way to say thank you.

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