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Flasks are one of those items that we always seen used in movies from one extreme to another. Either the flask is portrayed as an alcoholics go-to for a quick sip of liquor, or it’s the suave gentleman’s hidden gem during a high-end black-tie event. As is Hollywood’s way, these two examples are highly exaggerated, and you can read more about the truth of flasks in our Fun Facts About Hip Flasks article.

If you’ve already gotten your flask, chances are you know these are the gentleman’s and lady’s gem regardless of the event. Of course, there are flask related social etiquettes that should be followed. But that’s not why you’re here, you’re here to read about the how to’s of flasks. So let’s get started.

How Do I Know If A Flask Is High Quality?

Like most products on the market today, not every flask is made equal. So it’s important to know what to look for when shopping for the perfect hip flask. Here we have a few points of what to look at when you’re reviewing different flasks.

  • Is the material used food grade?
  • Do you recognize the material used?
  • Is the brand well known?
  • How are the reviews from trusted websites?

These three questions will get you where you need to go when it comes to a high-quality flask. Food grade material will typically mean that you have a rust-proof flask that won’t leak unwanted metallic flavors into your liquor. The same goes for recognizing the materials used in the crafting.

Fact is, if you don’t recognize the materials used, or there is a bit of a long list of them, then chances are you have a low-quality hip flask on your hands. The most commonly used materials of flasks include:

  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Pewter
  • Copper
  • Glass

There are pros and cons to each material option, so be sure to do a thorough comparison when you’re on the hunt for the best hip flask. Our recommendation is to stick with trusted stainless steel options.

One of our top, most trusted brands that we feature here at Lazer Designs is the well known Stanley brand. When it comes to ensuring an excellent, high-quality product, Stanley has you covered. Best of all, they have plenty of customer reviews to back them up.

How Do I Pick The Best Flask As A Wedding Gift or Wedding favor?

Whether you’re getting a flask for the bride and groom or grabbing a groomsman gift, choosing the best flask as a wedding gift can be tricky. Above we discussed how to spot a high-quality hip flask, so now it’s time to decide which flask will make the best gift for this special occasion.

Once you have your chosen materials down for the flask it’s time to get serious and look at cost, capacity, and design. It’s no secret that hip flasks don’t have to be smooth to the touch, they can be personalized to perfectly match a theme, and weddings are no different!

Our top suggestion is to find a great flask that has had custom laser engraved text applied to it to make the perfect engraved wedding gift. You can personalize each flask to fit individual groomsmen, Best man, Maid of honor, and bridesmaids for the perfect wedding favor gift. Or, you can personalize a flask gift set just for the bride and groom.

Many of our customers choose to engrave names, dates, and titles onto their chosen wedding gifts. Flasks are a great gift option as they are long-lasting, functional, and can be kept as a memento of the big day!

How Do I Clean My New Flask?

I’m sure you’re wondering how to clean a flask as a general rule of thumb, it’s typically commonplace to wash newly purchased items before use, and flasks are no different. Unlike regular cups and mugs, the flask requires some special cleaning considerations as the materials used need to be treated differently than your typical ceramic or glass mugs.

There are actually a few different methods of cleaning your flask, depending on how deep of a cleaning you’d like to go. One big DON’T with flasks is to never stick a flask in the dishwasher, and avoid complete submersion in water.

With a first cleaning, it’s perfectly fine to simply fill your flask with water, screw down the cap, shake for a good 10-15 seconds then dump and allow to air dry with the lid open and the flask inverted so any remaining water droplets can pour out. Additionally, you can use a very small amount of dish soap with the shaking method to get an extra bit of cleaning done. However, once you add dish soap, it’s recommended to do several shaking rinses

For those times when your flask has a bit of a smell, there is a combination of cleaning techniques you can use. If you’re concerned about buildup, then it’s time to get the grit inside, or basically something that can do the scrubbing for you. Most common practices are to use dried rice, kosher salt, Epsom salts, or baking soda to clean your flask.

Now the big question: What about flasks with leather? Well, these can be cleaned the same way as other flasks. The biggest difference, however, is to ensure you don’t soak the leather material in water and to be sure to give the leather a good wipe down afterward with a dry cloth to prevent spots from occurring.

How Do I Fill My Flask?

This is perhaps one of the first questions asked when a new flask is purchased. The small opening, while great for drinking and pouring, isn’t precisely conducive of easy filling. So the question, how to fill a flask?

Rather than trusting the bottle not to drip and your hand not to sway, take the ‘oops’ out of the equation and grab a funnel. Many flasks will actually come with their own funnel which makes it a lot easier to fill with both liquor and cleaning agents. If your flask doesn’t come with a funnel, be sure to grab a standalone one or purchase a flask that does come with one. There is no rule saying you have to have one funnel per flask! Simply rinse your funnel after every use and you are set to fill and go!

All the personalized flasks from LazerDesigns come with an easy fill funnel to make your gift complete.

Final Thoughts On Hip Flasks

Flasks are a popular wedding favor gift idea for Groomsmen. So if you find yourself on the receiving end, be sure to do some research to ensure you’re taking good care of your new flask. As an individual purchasing a flask, you can educate any who are new to the use of flasks. If you’re interested in learning more about flasks, be sure to take a look at our other article: Fun Facts About Hip Flasks.

Interested in purchasing a flask or two? Take a closer look at our selection of customized flasks, where you are given the option to personalize each one to make a custom flask gift!

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