Team Pick-Me-Up ideas while separated from team

One of the challenges of the Covid19 crisis is keeping the spirits of your team members up while we work through transitioning to working from home, or NOT working from home, and being separated from the culture we work so hard to build at our businesses.

While finances are tight, and you are probably busy and stretched thin in many ways, we are still called to lead our teams well, whatever that looks like for you.

Here are several ideas for keeping team spirits up while we work through this challenging moment in history.

Ideas for keeping team spirits up during Covid-19

  1. Regular communication – Email, text, zoom. Company updates, confront the brutal facts of reality while maintaining hope you will persevere in the end
  2. Team zoom meetings – for updates or just to connect. Entire team and departments
  3. Send funny memes
  4. Send food gifts. Omaha steaks, popcorn (see opportunity below to support small biz), gift cards to grocery stores that deliver, fun snacks
  5. Get company masks with our without your logo on them
  6. Send a personalized home or kitchen related gift – personalized with their last name. We handle all drop shipping for you.

Sending a gift sound like a logistical nightmare?

Not when you let small business take care of the details!

For a personalized gift, LazerDesigns will do all the work – recommend a gift or a gift bundle, personalize it, and drop ship to your employees’ homes. Just send us a spread sheet with what to engrave and the address to ship to. Contact a gift advisor today. See our list of gift bundle ideas.

popcorn gift drop shipped to clientFor a food gift, Kettle Head Popcorn, based in Broomfield CO near LazerDesigns, will drop ship your order directly to recipients – just email them your flavor selection and your address list. Contact Dylan Forward at [email protected] or 440-478-1415 and check out their amazing flavors at their site. Our team raves about these flavors.


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