Everything You Need to Know About Traveling With Metal Straws

Metal straws have exploded in popularity. Cities worldwide have begun banning single-use plastic straws. The world is turning to longer-lasting, reusable, and recyclable straws. Metal straws are the future of straw-kind. Let’s look at these straws and what we need to know when traveling with them. The Benefits Of Traveling With A Metal Straw Which … Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Traveling With Metal Straws”

The How To’s Of Flasks

Flasks are one of those items that we always seen used in movies from one extreme to another. Either the flask is portrayed as an alcoholics go-to for a quick sip of liquor, or it’s the suave gentleman’s hidden gem during a high-end black-tie event. As is Hollywood’s way, these two examples are highly exaggerated, … Continue reading “The How To’s Of Flasks”

Cool Gifts For Sister

Birthdays, Christmas, graduation, housewarming, and weddings. There are so many holidays and occasions where you can celebrate with your family and exchange heartfelt gifts. Grabbing some cool gifts for your sister in the process is sure to not only impress her but show her you’re not that bad of a sibling after all. So here … Continue reading “Cool Gifts For Sister”