What is laser engraving?

What is a laser engraving? At LazerDesigns.com we do MORE than just laser engrave your gifts and promotional items – we elegantly personalize each one to be perfect for your recipient! We use state of the art, high speed laser machines – we use both co2 and an nd:YAG for best results on a variety of materials … Continue reading “What is laser engraving?”

Laser Engraved Grapefruit – tangy and delicious!

Here at LazerDesigns, we love to play with lasers. This is a combination you probably have never seen before. A grapefruit. A laser engraver. A shark. And blue color fill paint. Grapefruit, anyone? Way to go Aaron and Bryce, Grapefruit Engraving Gurus!

Team Lazer running the Chamber 5k in 2010

Check out this video of Team Lazer running in a 5k race with our chamber of commerce in 2010. The 2011 race is coming up, sign up to join us! www.MetroNorthChamber.com Did you run at the 2010 race? Will you be running in 2011? Comment below if you are!

50 Years of Laser Technology

50 Years … for us mere mortals, that conjures images of slightly graying hair, a house full of teenagers, widening middles and planning for retirement. We often long for the good ‘ole days. But in the ever-changing world of technology, 50 years is the equivalent of FOREVER. The laser had its beginning flash in 1960 … Continue reading “50 Years of Laser Technology”