What is laser engraving?

What is a laser engraving? At LazerDesigns.com we do MORE than just laser engrave your gifts and promotional items – we elegantly personalize each one to be perfect for your recipient! We use state of the art, high speed laser machines – we use both co2 and an nd:YAG for best results on a variety of materials … Continue reading “What is laser engraving?”

Laser Engraved Grapefruit – tangy and delicious!

Here at LazerDesigns, we love to play with lasers. This is a combination you probably have never seen before. A grapefruit. A laser engraver. A shark. And blue color fill paint. Grapefruit, anyone? Way to go Aaron and Bryce, Grapefruit Engraving Gurus!

50 Years of Laser Technology

50 Years … for us mere mortals, that conjures images of slightly graying hair, a house full of teenagers, widening middles and planning for retirement. We often long for the good ‘ole days. But in the ever-changing world of technology, 50 years is the equivalent of FOREVER. The laser had its beginning flash in 1960 … Continue reading “50 Years of Laser Technology”