Six tips to grow your photography business

'Photographing the photographer' photo (c) 2008, naixn - license: is a great business to be in! I have some friends who are in it, and am always amazed at the memories they can capture.
Here are a few ideas on how to grow your photography business. Share your experiences in the comment section!

  1. Be active on social sites – sites like facebook and flickr are photo rich, great opportunities to show off your amazing shots
  2. Design your website around showing off your photos (use and a good photo business theme)
  3. Setup your business on all the big directories (Google Places, yahoo maps, mapquest, superpages, citcysearch)
  4. Get connected on the wedding websites – for instance
  5. Offer your clients the option to buy their photographs off your laser engraved, customized usb drives – easier to use than a CD, useful for years, plus it has your logo and name on it!
  6. Always follow up with a thank you card or gift and ask for referrals. Ask something specific, like “Do you have any other friends who have just had babies that would like photographs done?”

Good luck!

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