7 Secrets to Powerful Goodie Bag Ideas

So you’ve planned the event, signed people up, signed speakers up, have games and events planned, how do you give the attendees a sense of value after the event, when they go home and reflect back on their investment to attend?
'20111020_060' photo (c) 2011, David Nichols - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/How do you help avoid buyers remorse? Of course, a quality event is paramount – but don’t forget about memorable goodie bags!
Goody bags are a great way to add value to your event! People go home after the event, and see what favors and goodies they received – adding positive feelings to the event and your organization.
Let’s look at a few pointers on how to plan a successful goodie bag promotion and how to make goodie bags with these goodie bag ideas:

  • Ask neighboring businesses to chip in – many are willing to send in promotional items with their name/logo on them (try hospitals, financial groups, athletic stores and services, chiropractors, restaurants in area)
  • If you’ll have different age groups or different demographics, put some thought into having two separate goodie bags for each group
  • Did we mention restaurants? Free food and free food coupons are wildly popular! Many restaurants not only will provide coupons for the perfect goodie bag item, they are prepared to have a booth with free samples of their delicious offerings.
  • If you have ability to choose the imprint on the promotional items, remember it is All in the imprint – put thought into a quality, relevant imprint. Make sure it makes sense to the recipients. Your business name may not mean anything and get little response, but an invitation for a free sample or report, or your unique selling proposition, that may pique interest and encourage people to logon to your site to learn more.
  • Do you get local businesses interested, but not committed? Why not help them by asking for a donation, promising them you’ll do the work of providing a relevant, quality promotional item? Provide them with photos of the promotional gifts you plan to include in the goodie bag, and offer to include their logo. Sometimes, businesses want to be involved but lack the resources or time to plan, so the have to drop out. This is a great way to get ideas for goodie bags – talk to businesses, ask them if they have ideas, and then call us and finalize the ideas!
  • Don’t forget about food! Food coupons, food gift certificate raffles or silent auctions, travel size samples in the goodie bags (bananas, apples, fruit drinks, bars, cookies) and restaurant tables with free samples

Remember, we provide many customized, small items perfect for goodie bags! Browse our site or contact us for personalized help and ideas. Our sales team loves putting together successful goodie bag promotions (we do it for a living after all), so give us a call if you need help.
Any other ideas for a great goodie bag? What’s the best thing you’ve ever received from a goodie bag at an event?

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