Personalized Wholesale Agate – Laser engraved with your text, logo or design

When restocking your rock shop with wholesale agate, consider having it customized – laser engraved with your shop logo, town slogan, location images (like skiing, moose, etc)
Laser Engraved wholesale agate slice with rock shop logoLazer Designs is proud to introduce wholesale priced laser engraved agate – hand selected pieces of agate, laser engraved in or Broomfield, Colorado facility in brilliant white.
As you know, agate already looks beautiful when combined with natural or LED lighting – the laser engraving makes it stand out even more, adding more value and allowing for a higher price point.
customized agate slice with Estes Park laseredWe laser engrave your town or location name (IE, Ouray, CO), the area’s slogan (IE “Like No Place on Earth”) or images and clipart about what makes your town set apart – skiers, snowboarders, moose, elk, mountain ranges, trees, activities like hiking, camping, fishing, hunting or anything else.
We have a variety of sizes, and can even laser on your supplied agate.
All larger customized agate slices come with a clear acrylic stand to help increase exposure and to show off the beauty of the laser engraved image.
What makes laser engraved agate turn white? When our co2 lasers hit the smooth agate slice, it vaporizes the surface and turns a brilliant white color. It is a permanent marking, with no depth, smooth to the touch, and shows back-light well.
We also sell Christmas Ornament Agate slices, custom agate keychains, agate magnets, agate jewelry pendants in addition to a variety of sizes shown here.
What will you laser today?

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