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You work hard and you know your employees work hard too. Let’s face it, without the support of your employee infrastructure, everything would fall to you. If you’re on the hunt for personalized gift ideas for your office staff, a huge giveaway, or even some unique items for a corporate event, then you’re sure to be inspired by our selection of custom laser engraved gift ideas including but not limited to.

Looking For A Special Thank You Gift For Your Employee?

We know your staff works hard, so what better way to say “Thank You!” and “Great Job!” than with their own personalized laser engraved gift? Show how much you appreciate their time and effort with an eco-friendly Totally Bamboo Greenlite Utility Board.

This beautiful eco-friendly cutting board can be fully customized with the inclusion of your company name and brand. This 18″ x 12″ dishwasher safe board is fully open for your own personalized touch for that fresh unique feel, choose how big or small you want your design to be. Your office staff are sure to be delighted with the following features.

  • Crafted from 100% naturally grown mountain bamboo
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Lightweight and easily maintained
  • Dishwasher safe

Ever Consider A Personalized Buck Knife?

For those employees who love to go on hunting trips, or even for those who enjoy collecting beautiful knives then you definitely want to take a closer look at our huge selection of personalized laser engraved Buck knives.

One of our favorites is the lightweight Buck Bantam Camo knife.

This easy to handle, lightweight knife can easily be deployed with one hand, featuring a mid-lock back design with improved gripping ridges at the top. This amazing gift idea for your work-hard play-hard office staff even has a lanyard hole for easy transport.

Have You Considered A Multi-Tool?

If you’re in the market for something more than a hunting knife then you’ve got to take a look at our selection of custom laser engraved Leatherman Multitools.

This laser engraved multitool is a must-have gift idea. Your office staff will be delighted with their very own customized Leatherman multitool, especially with features including:

  • Spring-Action Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Scissors
  • Nail File
  • Tweezers
  • Bottle opener

And that’s just scratching the bare surface of what this tool has to offer! The addition of a keyring hold will allow your employees to take their gift everywhere for a convenient on-the-go multitool. Be sure to take a closer look at our entire selection of laser engraved Leatherman Multitools to find the greatest unique gift idea for your office staff members!

Want To Light Up Your Employees Day?

If you’re into funny puns and want to really get your staff a wonderful gift, then consider this personalized Mag-Tac LED Flashlight.

This state of the art tactical flashlight is a fantastic personalized gift idea for office staff. As the first flashlight to use CR123 batteries your employees will delight in the three easily switchable modes. Add your own personalized laser engraved white mark to fully customize this smart flashlight.

Why Not Help Your Employee Stay Hydrated?

Whether your employees are coffee drinkers, juicers, or just enjoy plain water, they all need something to carry their choice beverages in! Here’s where you come in like a boss and provide the perfect custom mug for your office staff!

This 30 oz stainless steel mug can be fully customized to match your company logo to the perfect backdrop with your choice of an astonishing 16 colors!

This vacuum insulated gift for office staff mug features a soft non-slip base, a clear lid that easily fits a reusable straw for the best eco-friendly gift idea. The narrow bottom fits standard cup holders so no worries on drinks tipping or slipping around on the commute to and from work!

Packaged in a white gift box this tumbler makes a fantasticly unique gift idea for employees!

Looking For A Work Related Gift?

If you have a select set of staff who pass out business cards then consider their own custom Hard Leather Business Card Case.

This perfectly sized leatherette covered metal business card holder can be personalized with your choice of 7 different color options and your very own laser engraved text or design. This business card holder can safely transport around 10 cards. Choose to add your own business logo for this perfect office staff gift idea!

How About A Portable Power Bank?

We know today’s modern world is all about digital technology. If it isn’t tablets or laptops it is most certainly our phones! Keep your office staff charged up and connected with their very own Portable USB Power Bank.

This is the optimal gift for employees as everyone needs a charge at one point in their career! This little power bank includes easy to read lights to indicate charging time and batter power remaining. Don’t let your staff leave the office without one of these customized power banks!

Need More Ideas For A Personalized Gift For Employees?

Here at LazerDesigns we have many choice options available to choose from when it comes to personalized gift ideas!

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