Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Brother


It’s his birthday, Christmas, or he’s graduated and you want to get him something special to celebrate his accomplishments. For your brother, nothing but the best will suffice. Even though you two may get on each other’s nerves sometimes as siblings do, he’s still your brother!

Why Get Personalized Gifts For Brother?

Many go-to gifts revolve around the recipient’s interests, hobbies, and overall what they like. As a result, many shoppers go for the usual generic gifts that, while still great, don’t have that special something that makes it a personalized gift for your brother.

With a customized gift you can not only get your brother something he will really enjoy but something special that will show him how much thought you put into your gift.

A custom gift will also be something that will remind him of you every time he uses or looks at your engraved gift for him, and here at Lazer Designs, we have just what you need to personalize your favorite gifts for your brother. Each gift idea here in this article has the option to include laser engraved text, design, or even his favorite logo. So lets take a look at some fantastic personalized gifts for him!

Looking For A Funny Gift For Your Brother?

Let’s face it, roasting your siblings is perhaps one of the best things about having them! So if you’re looking for a fun and playful way to roast your brother, consider grabbing him a custom man card bottle opener, featuring his name for a truly humorous personalized gift.

Not only will everyone know these unique credit card-sized engraved bottle openers belong to him, but they will also act as his official man-card when out enjoying drinks with his friends!

Engraved bottle openers are a great gift for him to carry around wherever he goes. Sized perfectly to fit in pocket or wallet, he can even add his customized bottle opener to his keys with the split ring corner hole making this a functional and funny gift idea for your brother.

Could Your Brother Use Some Inspiration?

Inspiration and motivation can come from a number of sources. If you’re looking to give your brother some encouragement with your gift then consider a laser engraved wall plaque featuring one of the most well-known quotes in history by none other than Theodore Roosevelt.

Man In The Arena is a motivational quote with a powerful message that those who do nothing but critique don’t matter. It is the person who stepped out and tried, who got back up after falling and who kept going no matter the odds that matter. It is those individuals who take risks and keep moving forward that matter, and this may be just the motivation your brother needs!

This Man In The Arena quote engraved on the leather wall decor makes a great Christmas gift for your brother and a birthday gift for your brother as well. No matter what point in his life he is at, whether he’s graduating, or got a new job, giving him the gift of inspiration goes a long way!

Want To Give Your Brother A Gift Set?

Personalized Gift sets are perhaps one of the best gift ideas for brothers around. With a two or even three in one customized gift set he is sure to love it! The personalized touch of laser engraved text is just the cherry on top.

When it comes to engraved gift sets you can’t go wrong with high-quality items. The above custom gift sets feature stainless steel materials for durability that will last him a lifetime. Between the flask and knife set, and the zippo and knife set, he is guaranteed to get a high-quality blade that will be perfect for his camping, hunting, and fishing trips.

If your brother is big on grilling and cooking outdoors then he needs his own Personalized BBQ Gift Set! Our favorite is the below bamboo 5 piece grillers set with its very own matching bamboo carrying case!

Whether he’s at home or on the go, having a reliable set of grilling tools is a must. As part of our eco-friendly bamboo gifts, this personalized BBQ grilling set can be personalized with a fun design featuring your brother’s name, or the family name! Be sure to check out all the design options for a fun gift set for your brother!

Be sure to check out our other engraved kitchen utensils for the brother who loves to cook!

Looking For Individual Gift Ideas Instead?

If you’re looking at the above gift set ideas and thinking, ‘nah I just want to get my brother a knife,’ then we have you covered with our selection of custom laser-engraved knives crafted from top brands including Buck, Leatherman, and Spyderco.

From personalized pocket knives to engraved tactical survival knives with tools, we have just what your brother is looking for in the perfect blade for him! For Christmas this year you may be asking yourself questions like ‘does he use knives while camping or hunting?’ Or perhaps you’re thinking ‘as a first responder does he need a tactical knife on hand for those intense rescue moments?’

A high quality, fully functional, and a reliable knife is just what your brother needs in these situations, don’t forget to personalize his knife with his name laser engraved on the blade or handle for the best birthday gift for your brother.

Don’t forget to take a look through our selection of custom engraved flasks for an elegant gift idea that will delight your brother!

Is A Multitool Right For Your Brother?

Multitools are perhaps one of the most useful items to have on your person at all times. You never know when you’ll need the right tool for a quick job when around the home or even the office, which is why we recommend browsing through our custom multitools.

A great example of one of our top choice gift idea for your brother is the Leatherman Wave Plus multitool. With over 13 tools and features, your brother will be able to clip this multitool to his belt for quick access. The best part of all is our selection of engraved Leatherman multitools can be personalized with your choice of laser engraved text! Not just his name, you can include his favorite quote or phrase as well.

How About Some Personalized Drinkware For Your Brother?

If your brother is one of those men who seems to want nothing and has everything, then perhaps a good gift for your brother is some personalized drinkware. Between his birthday, Christmas and other holidays, you really can’t go wrong with an insulated travel mug or personalized tumbler.

Above are two good Christmas gifts for your brother. Our personalized tumblers and mugs will keep his beverages hot or cold for hours long so he can enjoy his favorite drink throughout the day. Add your personalized touch with laser engraved text or design for a custom gift that he will thoroughly enjoy for years. Our laser engravings are permanent, and will never wash, fade, or chip, no matter how many times he uses and washes his new favorite mug!

Looking For More Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Brother?

We get it, some brothers are really difficult to shop for and you want to find the perfect gift that you can personalize! While we’ve provided some great examples above for Christmas gifts and Birthday gifts, perhaps you want to see more options for some good gift ideas for your brother?

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