Bamboo, Bamboo, Bamboo

Green is the new black … Sustainability … Going Green … What’s your carbon footprint … Environmentally Friendly … the list of “Green” catch phrases is endless. Everyone is talking about green living and caring for our earth. Those of us who are concerned with making a change soldier on in the spirit of Mahatma … Continue reading “Bamboo, Bamboo, Bamboo”

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure Twice, Cut Once! This phrase is the mantra of every working man and woman. Measure carefully, double check, and limit your mistakes and your waste. Whether you are an engineer, carpenter, architect, or weekend warrior, these measuring tools are for you. Engrave with your name, your company logo, or both to customize each item. … Continue reading “Measure Twice, Cut Once”

Back to School!

So you know someone who is heading back to school or leaving for college. The list of supplies needed to make the transition complete or to set up a new home in a new place is long. A college checklist can be helpful for those leaving home. These items can help you in the process … Continue reading “Back to School!”