Mother's Day Gift Idea – she may be mad at first!

Personalized Micra

Looking for a Mothers Day Gift?  Or perhaps an outside-the-box baby shower present?  Or maybe you find yourself frustrated by toy packaging and those little plastic pieces that hold tags on clothing.  Two words for you. Leatherman. Micra.  A small multitool you can carry on your keychain that has a multitude of practical uses.  Listen up!  Adrienne, over at Baby Toolkit recommends it….here is just the beginning of her list of things she has done with the Micra

  • opened countless boxes, cartons, envelopes, shrink wrapped objects, and blister packs
  • broken down boxes for storage and recycling
  • cut paper dolls and puzzles for squirming children
  • removed retail tags and hanging threads
  • cut and filed fingernails, ours and BabyGeek’s

Visit her post for the rest of the list!

Personalized Leatherman Style

This little tool is also on Parenthackers toolkit list thanks to Adrienne’s recommendation
A reviewer on received a Leatherman Micra as a Mothers Day gift.  At first she was a bit disgruntled, but as she used the tool, her perspective changed  “Every mom could sure use one of these! I’m not “mad” at my husband anymore for getting me this. ”
Add a unique element by having the receivers name, a significant date or quote expertly laser etched on the tool.  Make it an identifier for your keys by having your name and phone number engraved!
However you choose to personalize the Micra, it is bound to be a hit! Also see other small, keychain size Leatherman Tools like the Micra in colors, the Squirts and the new Style and Style CS (full list).

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