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Believe it or not, the current Hydro Flask brand Logo is only 4 years old. Hydro Flask held a contest open to the public in 2015 through crowdspring to create their current logo. They asked the public to make their logo! So if you’re thinking of making a custom vacuum insulated flask logo, you’re in excellent company.

A Hydro Flask is built to stand the test of time. Stainless steel is one of the sturdiest materials used in consumer goods. Your Hydro Flask is going to be with you for a while. So it’s a good idea to spend time thinking about your custom logo. Your Hydro Flask already looks like a work of art. Just not your work of art – yet.

Here we will discuss the following:

  • Will hydro flasks be damaged during customization?
  • What are some good tips for creating a logo for my hydro flask?
  • How do I choose the best colors for my logo?

Will My Hydroflask Be Damaged During Customization?

A big question when thinking about customizing a hydro flask is “My Hydro Flask came with a list of do’s and don’ts—can I damage mine by customizing the outside?” The short answer is No!

Hydro Flasks work thanks to a vacuum space that inhibits temperature transfer between an inner and an outer layer of stainless steel. This is where the term vacuum insulation comes from, and can be found in various custom drinkware options. Including custom sports bottles

Stainless Steel Insulated Thermal Bottle

The only way to harm your Hydro Flask would be to puncture the steel itself. So the outside surface is fair game as long as it isn’t heated or cooled too far. The signature powder coat on the surface is something we want to keep as much of as possible, but removing some of it for your logo won’t harm it! Here we offer some advice on how to get your hydro flask engraved.

What Are Some Tips For A Good Hydro Flask Logo?

Onto the good stuff—your logo. Your Hydro Flask custom logo should reflect who you are and where you’ve been. Your custom logo should show your values, adventures, and history.

A good logo is simple and neat. You don’t want a logo that’s visually cluttered. If you’re taking the time to create a custom Hydro Flask logo, you want others to see it and ask about it. What sort of things should we consider for our logo?

Simple Logo

Do you have a favorite mountain? Consider making your custom logo a silhouette of that peak against a clear sky. A favorite beach or surfing spot? How about a stylized wave. Have a tattoo design you love? Picture of your pet’s adorable face? Any good starting points can get the ball rolling. You are only limited by your creativity in determining which bottle style suits your needs, such as personalized insulated sports bottles.

You can reach out to a good engraver or logo service to help refine your ideas, our team here at LazerDesigns is ready and willing to assist in all of your engraving needs! Even if you only have a logo design in your head, there are plenty of designers available and ready to be contacted to discuss your design in detail and bring it to life!

How To Choose The Perfect Colors For Your Logo

Next, we need to consider colors. If you’re using colors, make sure they go well together. Hydro Flask offers a wide range of colors with the ability to mix and match at the point of purchase. Make sure any color works you add or change on the exterior will match the colors when you buy it.

If you plan on using text in your logo, make sure the font works well. Font on a small computer screen and a font enlarged onto the Hydro Flasks’ surface don’t necessarily look the same. So it is definitely worth it to ask for a proof before you go through with your order!

Final Thoughts

When the right colors and logo come together, you’ll have something truly special. Something your own. Something special to share. Remember, it’s all about the story you have to share where your custom logo came from and what it means to you. It is all well worth the effort.

Lazer Designs is here to help you bring your perfect logo to life. You may have noticed our comparable bottles, so be sure to check out our other blog where we compare the hydro flasks brand bottles with our comparable counterparts.

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