Looking for the best Disc Golf Awards? Personalized bottle openers, with placements lasered!

What do you use for your disc golf tournament awards?
Do you give ribbons or trophies which collect dust and end up in a box? Why not give prizes that are truly USEFUL that the recipients will hold on to for years?
Our customers love customizing bottle openers and carabiner keychains with laser engraving – with placements and the tournament name! Here are a few examples:

We can laser the individual, personalized places on the disc golf awards – we normally charge $0.60 each for this personalizing service, in addition to the price of the item. We can group by color/style as well, whatever your needs are. Click on the links above for some ideas, or check out all our custom shaped bottle openers, carabiner keychains or other custom awards.
What is the best disc golf award you have given out or received? Share in the comment box below!

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