LazerStone Outdoor Plaques installed and protected by Morris B. Scquire Foundation

Have you ever needed a quality outdoor plaque? Finding an outdoor safe personalized plaque can be a challenge!
A challenge we’ve solved!

Outdoor Plaques installed by Morris Squire
Outdoor Plaques installed by Morris Squire

These Lazer Stone plaques are outdoor safe, durable and elegant, and Morris Squire put them to great use as shown to left.
Lazer Stone outdoor plaques can be used for pet memorials, memorial plaques or any where a stone-like plaque is needed.
These custom outdoor plaques are not actual stone, but solid acrylic – better than stone in many respects:

  • Lighter than stone
  • If it gets scratched, scuffed, or otherwise damaged, a quick buff with 300 grit sand paper restores the finish to new!
  • When applying a sealant to the plaque, they are protected from UV radiation and the elements

Lazer Stone Pet Memorial Stone
Pet Memorial Stone

One great benefit to these plaques is they can be color filled in any color – or even multiple colors!
These plaques are made in Colorado, are laser engraved in our Broomfield, Colorado facility.

How do you make the Lazer Stone Plaques Outdoor Safe?

By spraying the plaque with a paint sealant or urethane sealant, you will seal in the color filled engraving and the plaque – protecting it from harmful UV rays and the elements.

Custom Outdoor Safe Plaques
Multiple colors on outdoor safe plaques

Morris Squire found that Varathane, from Home Depot, and 8 to 10 thin coats gives years of protection to the custom plaques.
You can also request that they be “Made Outdoor Safe” when placing your order with us and we’ll do the work for you.
How will you use your custom outdoor plaques? Send us your photos, we love to see them in use!

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