Lazer Designs Partners with Living Water and Builds a Well in India!

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The original well in Kesayarayenpalem

The mission behind Lazer Designs has always been to help others in whatever way we can and shine the Light to others.

One of the ways we can help is through partnering with others.
In the Kesayarayenpalem community in the Anhdra Pradesh of India, one tube well was available to support 1,000 people.
The well was in a poor location and couldn’t meet the needs of the growing population.
Then Lazer Designs and Living Water partnered together to help bring relief.
After we donated the funds to build the well, the Living Water team worked to build a new one that would relieve the pressure on the single water source in Kesayarayenpalem.
With this new well, the community of Kesayarayenpalem has access to clean, safe water.
Women and children testing out the new well
Women and children testing out the new well

“The old well was close to drainage and the water stunk and was not good for drinking,” shared the local pastor, and “The Living Water well is giving us sweet water! Thank you.”
We feel called to make an impact on our community in Colorado and around the world. Wherever that mission leads us, we will go. Thanks for your support in partnering with us.

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