Introducing Hygiene Hand – The Door Opener Keychain Tool

A few short weeks ago the world changed and we all became much more aware of our health, germs that can cause us to become sick, and how easy it is for those germs to transmit from person to person. Coronavirus was the catalyst for the global pandemic the world is currently fighting but it isn’t the only threat to us, our loved ones, and to those who protect us. 

In this article we are not only introducing the Hygiene Hand but answering the following questions:

  • Why use an antimicrobial door opener keychain
  • Why Do Germs Transmit So Easily?
  • How Can We Stop The Spread Of Germs & Illness?
  • What Materials Can Help Minimize The Spread Of Germs And Bacteria?
  • What Does Antimicrobial Mean?
  • Can Brass Combat Bacteria?
  • Is Brass Antimicrobial?
  • Features Of The Antimicrobial Brass Door Opener Keychain
  • What Else Can Be Done To Help Flatten The Curve?

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Why Use An Antimicrobial Door Opener Keychain? 

It is to protect against the transmission of Covid-19 and other negative germs that brought about the creation of an innovative new product – the Antimicrobial Brass Door Opener Keychain tool and stylus.

The Hygiene Hand is designed for use in a variety of ways that help you avoid touching pens, buttons, and doors that hundreds of other people may have touched before you. The Hygiene Hand can help stop the transmission of harmful germs and prevent surface-transmitted illnesses.

The use of this everyday carry tool will go a long way in helping to flatten the Covid curve.

Why Do Germs Transmit So Easily?

Germs, parasites, bacteria and viruses are the cause of many of the infections and illnesses that plague us all. These are tiny microbes that can’t be seen and for the most part, we are completely unaware of their existence. That is until they become a problem and make us sick. 

Microbes are highly efficient at spreading themselves from person to person through direct contact, traveling through the air on a cough or a sneeze, or by being transferred through the many objects we touch on a daily basis.

That pen you picked up at the bank, the elevator button you pressed, the door handle you touched while entering a building, even the keys you pressed at the ATM to punch in your pin number. Each of these has all been touched by who knows how many hands carrying an unknown number of germs.

Unfortunately these are areas that are rarely given a proper cleaning.

Those who are sick and have symptoms are not the only individuals capable of passing along germs. Each one of us is able to pick up and carry germs without ever getting sick or having symptoms that can be seen. Even those who are asymptomatic can pass on these microbes with the potential to cause illness in others.

It is this unknown transmission through high traffic surfaces that can be the biggest problem when it comes to the transmission of germs and bacteria.

How Can We Stop The Spread Of Germs & Illness?

The solution seems like a simple one. To avoid giving germs the opportunity to transmit from person to person through touched surfaces there are a few things that can be done:

  • Diligently clean these surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner between each person
  • Offer a consistent supply of hand sanitizers for all patrons
  • Find a way to interact with these everyday items, handles, pens, and buttons without having to touch them yourself

The first and second options of these solutions are not particularly realistic. While bathrooms may have standard cleanliness policies, applying these same policies to the entire building is not very cost-effective and has a high chance of error.

It only takes forgetting once or missing a bit when cleaning for germs to transmit and become a problem. 

What About Gloves?

This leaves the third solution of avoiding direct contact with high traffic surfaces. We have all tried to awkwardly open a restroom door with an elbow to avoid touching the handle! Coughing and sneezing into elbows is a great habit to have – though not all follow this. And other’s wear gloves.

The bad part about gloves, is that they act just like your hands do, picking up microbes and transferring them from surface to surface. For gloves to be effective, you would need to change them after every surface you touched, before touching anything else!

So How Can We Stop The Spread Of Germs & Illness?

It isn’t an easy solution and there is simply no way to easily avoid touching pens, styluses, and buttons unless you have a device developed specifically for it. This is precisely why the Antimicrobial Brass Door Opener Everyday Carry was developed. 

This is an innovative new product that has been designed and developed as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. The inventor realized the problem with this disease was how easily it could spread through the objects people touch and share on a daily basis.

The Hygiene Hand has been designed to be useful in multiple situations including replacing the needs for a stylus, pressing buttons, and opening doors.

This tool is small and lightweight enough to slip onto your keys or belt so it is always handy!

What Materials Can Help Minimize The Spread Of Germs And Bacteria?

There are some materials that microbes don’t like as much as others. Research and development of these types of materials are a billion-dollar industry in itself!

Many objects can be coated or filmed in antimicrobial surfaces that can help to avoid microbes hanging around too long and having the time to infect new people.

Unfortunately, many of our everyday objects are not able to be made out of these materials which leads to the development of products such as the Antimicrobial Brass Door Opener and bamboo-based products such as personalized bamboo cutting boards and custom bamboo pens.

What Does Antimicrobial Mean?

Antimicrobial means that there is a resistance that happens when tiny microbes such as bacteria, germs, parasites and viruses come into contact with the antimicrobial substance or material. It stops the virus from growing and spreading and can even help to kill microbes faster.

Can Brass Combat Bacteria?

Research has shown materials that contain high amounts of copper alloys such as brass have antibacterial properties that can help minimize the spread of microbes and germs. More specifically it is the length of time that these tiny microbes can live on brass in comparison to other materials that make the biggest difference.

So Is Brass Antimicrobial?

The short answer is yes! Brass contains high amounts of copper which many microbes don’t like and these microbes often die within a couple of hours of being introduced to the brass material. This might seem like a long time but when compared to the length of time that these microbes can live on other materials such as plastic or stainless steel it is a significantly shorter amount of time.

What About Covid-19?

Coronavirus has been shown to be able to live for several days on plastic and stainless steel whereas on copper it is only a few hours! This can make a big difference in the number of people who are infected. Hence why brass – with its high levels of copper – is the choice material for this innovative solution that is the Hygiene Hand.

Features Of The Antimicrobial Brass Door Opener Keychain ToolHygiene Hand

This fantastic product is the answer to helping minimize the spread of germs, bacteria and microbes that cause illnesses like Coronavirus and many more.

This handy tool slips onto your keys, purse, or belt so that it is always on hand to use when you need it. It will soon become second nature to reach for your Door Opener  Keychain when at an ATM, signing for a delivery or opening a door. 

Not only is it a wonderful and innovative new way to deal with an existing problem but this product has many more amazing features:

You Can Include An Optional Retractable Keychain

A useful feature of the hygiene hand is that it can be fastened to a retractable keychain that allows for greater mobility. Whether that’s opening a door or signing for delivery. Once done with the job it retracts back to its original position where it stays fastened until the next time you need it. 

Opens Doors Without Touching The Handle

Door handles are a known issue when it comes to the transfer of germs. These are often made of plastic or stainless steel which many microbes can live on for days.

Many of us have tried to avoid touching a restroom door handle and failed! This device can help with the problem. Its hook is perfectly designed to operate the most common lever door handle types allowing you to navigate operating the handle in a hands-free manner.

The Hygiene Hand Is A Natural Stylus

One easy way to transmit germs is by using public pens or styluses. These are touched by hundreds of people daily and are usually made out of plastic. The Hygiene Hand can be used to touch buttons, press keys, and even be used as a stylus.  

Crafted From Solid Brass

Brass is a great material, relatively lightweight, and easy to clean, what’s even more important for the hygiene hand is that brass is naturally more antimicrobial than other materials. Research shows that brass and copper alloy materials can discourage bacteria and even help to kill them off much faster than stainless steel or plastic. 

That’s why it is the perfect material for a door opener and stylus. Not only does the Hygiene Hand help to protect you against the transmission of germs and microbes but those that do transfer to the door opener will die off within a few hours. 

The Hygiene Hand Is Engravable

Personalization is a great way to protect yourself even further. Gift your friends and family a custom door opener key-chain tool that has been personalized for each of them and you will always know which one is yours! This helps you further in following distance recommendations set out by experts.

Not only is personalization useful but it makes the Hygiene Hand a fantastic gift not only to yourself but all of your loved ones too. Personalize each one with engraved names, special phrases or even a company logo or slogan.

The Hygiene hand is a practical gift, and when personalized it shows that you have put some thought into customizing something special.

Personalize your own custom door opener tool today with logo or text!

What Else Can Be Done To Help Flatten The Curve?

Luckily we have a ton of knowledge and tools required to minimize the spread of the germs that cause illnesses such as Covid-19. 

Social distancing is an important method recommended by experts. So avoid too much physical contact and keep your distance from those around you.

You can also wash your hands regularly, especially after leaving the house or being in public and of course, a great first step is to protect yourself with a custom Hygiene Hand!

Don’t forget your other hygiene items including face masks!

Final Thoughts

Amidst the Covid crisis, we have taken many steps to help flatten the curve and keep not only ourselves but our loved ones safe from illness. We hope this article has proven to be a valuable tool in gaining even more knowledge about the spread of germs.

Continue protecting yourself and yours with a personalized Hygiene Hand.

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